9:55–10:00 am
Roger Paulson

Track Introduction

Roger Paulson
Practice Director, UWEBC

10:00–10:35 am
Matthew Dixon Tethr

The Effortless Experience:
A Look Back and a Look Ahead

Matthew Dixon
Chief Product and Research Officer, Tethr

The Effortless Experience is a book that changed the way many business leaders think about the customer service experience. In this discussion, co-author Matt Dixon will share with attendees:

  • A quick recap of the Effortless research as well as the back story on how it came about.
  • New research avenues Matt has been exploring — notably his 2018 HBR article "Reinventing Customer Service."
  • How leading companies are using technology to reduce customer effort.
  • How Matt and his team at Tethr have taught a machine to understand effort in order to help service and CX leaders find it, track it and eliminate it from the customer.

Matthew Dixon is sponsored by EDCi.

About Matthew »

Matthew Dixon is Chief Product and Research Officer of the Austin-based AI and machine learning venture, Tethr. Prior to joining Tethr, Matt was a Senior Partner and Global Head of Sales Force Effectiveness Solutions at Korn Ferry Hay Group and, before that, held numerous global leadership roles in research, product development and management for CEB, now Gartner.

A seasoned business researcher, thought-leader and author, Matt has been involved in and published on dozens of studies on topics ranging from customer experience strategy to customer service and sales effectiveness. His book, "The Effortless Experience: Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty" (2013) has had a very significant impact on thinking around the strategic role of customer service and has been a frequent topic of discussion in UWEBC Customer Service forums. Among his other books, "The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation" was a number one Amazon and Wall Street Journal bestseller and has sold nearly a million copies worldwide. Matt is also a frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review.

10:45–11:20 am
Jeff Berg Eric Buesing McKinsey & Company

Customer Care 2021

Jeff Berg, Partner and Eric Buesing, Partner
McKinsey & Company

In the course of McKinsey & Company’s extensive work within customer care organizations, they have developed an informed view of effective strategies and practices for optimizing care operating environments to deliver remarkable customer and employee experiences. In this talk, Jeff and Eric, principals in McKinsey’s Service Operations practice, will discuss the key challenges they are see confronting the customer care function today and how these are driving a set of trends as organizations look to further differentiate themselves through enhanced customer service offerings. Additionally, they will share their perspective on near and longer-term initiatives to consider when developing and refining a Care roadmap. Takeaways from this talk will include:

  • Current challenges within the care domain and how these map to future trends with respect to customer behavior and customer care operating models.
  • How McKinsey & Company approaches optimization in the customer care environment with a detailed look at several key levers.
  • Examples of how organizations are putting the ideas discussed into practice – with a focus on the role of the customer care leader in driving sustainable impact.
About Jeff and Eric »

Jeff Berg is a Partner in McKinsey & Company’s Southern California Office and a leader within McKinsey’s Service Operations practice, responsible for the firm’s Customer Care service line. His client service has focused on leading major frontline service operations transformation programs. Jeff is also the editor of McKinsey’s Care Compendium publication: “McKinsey on Customer Care: Excellence in the Digital Age,” representing the firm’s latest views in optimizing customer service offerings.

Prior to joining McKinsey, Jeff was a U.S. Navy Submarine officer in San Diego area, having served onboard USS Bremerton, a Los Angeles-class nuclear submarine, and with the Deep Submergence Unit, the navy’s lone submarine rescue force. Jeff has a B.S. in Control Systems Engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy, a Masters in Engineering Management from Old Dominion University, and an MBA from San Diego State University.

Eric Buesing leads McKinsey’s Service Operations Customer Care service line in North America. His specific area of expertise is call center operations and transformations. He has led multiple large-scale revenue growth and cost improvement transformations in customer care and inside sales for clients in the banking, insurance, cable, telco, industrial supply, medical device and public sector healthcare industries. Eric has also authored or contributed to several articles on customer care strategy and operations, including Getting the best customer service from your IVR: Fresh eyes on an old problem (2019), Boosting contact center performance through employee engagement (2018), Elevating customer satisfaction and growth through service to solutions (2018) and Winning the expectations game in customer care (2016).

11:30 am-12:05 pm
Rick Parrish Forrester

Work Smarter, Not Harder, for a Successful Customer Experience Transformation

Rick Parrish
Principal Customer Experience Analyst, Forrester

Enterprises are working harder on Customer Experience (CX) than ever before. However, their efforts aren’t paying off. In fact, Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) shows that CX quality has been stuck for years. The problem? Organizations lack a systematic approach that ensures many people can work together to reliably produce the right experiences across scores of channels. Forrester calls this methodical approach CX management. During this session, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Rick Parrish will share and discuss:

  • New analysis of Forrester’s CX Index, detailing why CX quality is stagnating.
  • The six competencies of CX management that organizations must master to provide great CX reliably and efficiently.
  • Proven advice for overcoming ambivalence and building inertia for CX success.
 About Rick »

Based near Washington, D.C., Rick serves customer experience professionals in the government and private sector. Rick leads Forrester’s research on CX management maturity, values-based CX and government CX. His research helps organizations in all industries focus and organize their customer experience ecosystems around CX improvement; he also helps governments overcome the unique challenges they face in developing successful and innovative customer experiences. He has been with Forrester for more than five years.

Rick has more than 17 years of experience in analysis. He was previously an analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency, where he helped pioneer high-profile improvements in the CIA's customer focus and gained an appreciation for the unique hurdles governments face in such efforts. He also earned awards for his rigorous, influential analysis and engagement with a range of senior officials.

Rick holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where he focused on international relations and political theory.

1:55-2:35 pm
Kandy White Altisource

Practical Applications of Automation in Customer Service: How Real Care Organizations Are Finding Success with AI and Robotics

Kandy White
Senior Vice President and Head of Global Operations, Altisource

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation are garnering a lot of attention among customer care organizations due to evolving customer expectations around interacting with brands and the need to increase team member productivity in the face of a challenging staffing climate. But AI and robotics are also near the apex of the "hype cycle", leaving care leaders to wonder what is the realistic promise these technologies hold today. In this talk, Kandy, who has led customer care automation initiatives at Verizon, ADP and now Altisource, will share and discuss real examples from her experience of how care organizations can leverage AI, machine learning and robotics to make customer and employee experiences better. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Identifying the right use case scenarios for external and internal-facing automation.
  • Utilizing AI, machine learning and robotics to enhance and optimize business processes.
  • Addressing the apprehension employees often have about automation.
  • Balancing investments in technology with investments in process and people.
  • Getting started with automation.
 About Kandy »

Kandy White is a recognized leader with experience leading digital transformation across multiple disciplines and industries. Leveraging her 20 years of leadership in Global Fortune 250 companies, she helps organizations navigate transformation by bringing technology and talented people together to create simple, digital and personalized experiences.

Kandy currently serves as the Senior Vice President and Head of Global Operations at Altisource where she leads an enterprise-wide operations organization of more than 3,000 spanning the Americas and Asia and serving a network of more than 650K vendors. She provides strategic direction and leads the evolution of the digital service and operational optimization strategy, including the integration of next gen tech for predictive AI, intelligent and guided self-service. Prior to joining Altisource, Kandy held executive roles at Verizon and ADP where she created and executed emerging technology programs to drive automation and digital customer experience across a variety of departments and functions.

Kandy holds a Master of Science in Experimental Psychology from Southeastern Louisiana University and is ABD for her PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the University of South Florida.

2:45-3:20 pm
Kathleen Peterson PowerHouse Consulting

Learned Leaders Make Customer Experience Happen

Kathleen Peterson
Chief Vision Officer, PowerHouse Consulting

What did you need to know to land in customer service? How have you managed to adapt to the ever changing world of delivering on the promise of the customer experience? Learning is the answer. Learning is a lifelong pursuit for those involved in caring for customers, staff and – yes – for yourself.

In this presentation, Kathleen will reveal the most important lessons she has learned over her 30 year career leading care organizations and working with service leaders that have contributed mightily to her ability to remain relevant amidst the changing tide of customer service and experience, including informative and inspirational insight into:

  • How learning leaders make customer experience happen.
  • Embracing the personal side of being a learning leader.
  • The five top lessons she has learned over her career.
About Kathleen »

Kathleen Peterson is an internationally acclaimed contact center and strategic management expert and recognized industry leader. She has emerged as one of the most sought-after experts and consulting partners in the field of customer experience and works with the world's top customer-focused companies. Kathleen is the Founder and Chief Vision Officer of PowerHouse Consulting. With more than 30 years in the contact center industry, Kathleen leads strategic initiatives with client senior management across industries to assess business processes and improve organizational practices.

Kathleen is the author of "Backstage at the Customer Experience … Musings for Contact Center Leaders" as well as many stirring articles and papers published widely in the most prestigious industry journals in the U.S. and abroad. Kathleen's Rants and Raves are published monthly in the Call Center Times online newsletter. Kathleen is also a regular contributor to Contact Center Pipeline, a monthly instructional journal focused on the needs and challenges of the contact center industry.


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When: 7:00 am-4:30 pm
Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Where: Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center
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Tim FischerTim Fischer
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Kurt Van Dyn HovenKurt Van Dyn Hoven
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Lands' End

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