9:55–10:00 am
Chris Murray

Track Introduction

Chris Murray
Practice Director, UWEBC

10:00 –10:35 am
Ryan Warren Salesforce

The Real Journey of Journeys

Ryan Warren
Vice President of Global Business Consulting

Customer journeys and experience execution have dominated marketing thought and activity over the last several years. But how do you know if it’s paying off and how do you avoid losing momentum on all you’ve invested? Gain real-world insights on why customer experience efforts fail or succeed from someone who has helped endless clients execute and assess their customer journey and touch-point management programs. Discover:

  • How to measure success
  • How to keep funding
  • Major pitfalls to avoid
  • How to course correct when problems occur
About Ryan »

Ryan lives to disrupt the status quo; a career digital native, Ryan got his start amidst of the .com boom, working as a creative director in digital agencies such as March 1st and PCS Internet.

Prior to Salesforce Ryan helped build ExactTarget into one of the world’s preeminent digital marketing platforms. Recognizing that digital transformation puts business on the bleeding edge of their own capabilities, Ryan built an industry-defining consulting practice that filled a massive gap between businesses' need for digital technology and their lack of experience operationalizing it. Though the application and scale of his thought leadership, ExactTarget and their customers were propelled to new growth heights.

Today, Ryan is the Vice President of Global Business Consulting at Salesforce. He specializes in harnessing the power of emerging trends such as customer journeys, artificial intelligence, automation and big data. His teams of data scientists, digital strategists and “money-ball” value consultants work with organizations to help operationalize their investments in these trends. He has been recognized for creating billions of dollars in revenue and works with organizations such as Nike, Microsoft, American Express, L'Oreal, Walmart and countless others.

Ryan currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is an avid cyclist and endurance athlete, competing around the world in triathlon and other multi-sport events.

10:45–11:20 am
Dane Hartzell Honeywell

Special Ops Training: Digital Go-To Market Campaign Strategies

Dane Hartzell
Global Director of Digital Marketing, Honeywell

Digital transformation is everywhere but do you have a really good process to scale effective and efficient digital campaigns and experiences? Dane will share a simple but successful framework to get you there. Learn from someone who has rolled out digital execution plans across international teams, geo’s and products. This presentation will explore:

  • Return on marketing investment (ROMI) models
  • Customer insights and decision journeys
  • Ways to ensure digital alignment with customer expectations
About Dane »

Dane Hartzell is a strategic digital marketer and thought leader with an expertise in integrating technology into the marketing mix to provide a seamless customer experience that proves ROMI. As a digital evangelist, Dane takes pride in helping companies transform to the digital age. Rooted squarely between marketing and technology, Dane acts as a translator and facilitator to help companies realize their full digital potential.

Dane has both brand and agency side experience with Honeywell, Rubbermaid, General Mills, H&R Block, Symantec, Nabisco, Motorola, Polaris, Andersen Windows, Red Baron Pizza, Carmex, 3M and Toro.

Dane has presented on digital and social media trends at Dreamforce, MN American Marketing Association Annual Conference, MN Direct Marketing Association Annual Conference and the Social Media Strategies Summit.

Dane's work has been included in Forbes as well as books such as Return on Influence: The Revolutionary Power of Klout, Social Scoring, And Influence Marketing and Marketing Eleventh Edition.

11:30 am–12:05 pm
Jeff Horvath Balanced Experience

UX – Baking Great User Experience in to
Your Corporate DNA

Jeff Horvath, CEO and Founder
Balanced Experience

Great UX doesn't just happen. Every marketer and product manager knows that your customers aren't going to want your products unless they provide a great user experience. But how do you create a great UX for them? It doesn't happen just because you have UX designers on staff or because you've run a UX test or two. Great UX happens because it's what you do – it's part of your culture... part of your DNA. It's baked in to everything you do. It's not about WHAT you do, it's about HOW and WHY you do it.

In this talk, Jeff will share a handful of the key success factors that you need at your organization in order to reliably create great user experiences for your customers:

  • The role of leadership
  • Identifying the things that matter
  • When and how to involve your customers
  • Taking feedback seriously
  • The value of cross-functional teams... who drives and when
About Jeff »

Jeff Horvath has spent the past 20 years helping clients with their UX needs. He helps clients understand their users, design and validate great accessible software and products, and build UX capabilities within their organizations. Jeff has worked with clients from startups to Fortune 100 companies in healthcare, medical/pharma, manufacturing, banking & financial, retail, government and a many other industries.

Jeff has a Masters degree in Computer Science and a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology.

In his free time, Jeff is an election official, coaches youth football and dabbles in home brewing.

1:55-2:35 pm
Timothy Seward ROI Revolution

Your Brand on Amazon: An Executive’s Roadmap to Drive Sustainable Revenue Growth

Timothy Seward
CEO and Author, ROI Revolution

With 54% of all U.S. product searches already starting on Amazon, the stakes don’t get much higher. The Amazon effect on the U.S. economy is everywhere. Amazon is disrupting the way people shop, changing traditional retail patterns and creating a new competitive landscape. As a brand executive trying to navigate the ever-changing Amazon challenge, you need a clear, responsive Amazon strategy. Join Timothy Seward, author of the Ultimate Guide to Amazon Advertising, and learn how to dominate Amazon through a profitably executed mix of sponsored products, sponsored brands and Amazon display ads. Topics include:

  • Key strategies to drive sustainable revenue growth from your Amazon listings.
  • The essential mix of brand awareness and engagement to protect your shelf- placement on Amazon.
  • How to prevent your top competitors from stealing both branded and category-level search term results.
 About Timothy »

Timothy Seward leads ROI Revolution in its mission to drive growth for brands, retailers and ecommerce merchants with its results-driven digital marketing technology and services. Timothy founded the agency in June of 2002. Timothy is also the author of Ultimate Guide to Amazon Advertising. With his extensive technical, marketing and retail background, he is a thought leader who has spoken at more than 70 industry, ecommerce and Amazon focused events including IRCE and Prosper, is a guest lecturer at North Carolina State University's College of Management, and has contributed to key industry publications including Internet Retailer.

Timothy is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

2:45-3:20 pm
Suz Brewer SUZCO

The Moral Obligation to Entertain

Suz Brewer
Brand Builder and CMO Consultant

As marketers, the most important role we have is one of connection and resonance with our customer. And while the necessities of KPIs, CACs and CPCs help us manage ad spend productivity, the medium is simply a way to reach the right audience at the right time. Medium/channel must play second fiddle to the message. What we say as a brand — the thoughtful craftsmanship we put into it — is what matters at the end of the day.

From product naming to UX, to advertising and market launches, every brand can elevate to a level of unexpected, joyful connection — and still sell. Learn how four things can make people believe in your brand, not just buy it:

  • Bottle your internal culture to (re)fuel your brand with brand audit one-on-one interviews.
  • Understand who you live to serve and what they give a damn about.
  • Articulate what you stand for in a brand personality. It drives marketing, creative, product development, recruiting, customer service and digital/omnichannel experiences.
  • Entertain. Be additive to your customer’s day. See examples of work built to trigger a positive chemical brain reaction.
 About Suz »

Suz Brewer is a builder of brands, having spent half of her 28-year career in corporate marketing and half on the ad agency side. Now leading her own brand consultancy firm, SUZCO, she is the former CMO and Chief Brand Officer of EatStreet.

Prior, Suz served as VP of Marketing, Creative and E-Commerce at Duluth Trading Company from 2007 to 2016 as the chief storyteller and instigator of brand advertising. Duluth’s national ad campaign helped to shift the business model from cataloger to omnichannel retailer with stores across the US, resulting in an IPO in 2015.

As an ad agency brand manager with Planet Propaganda and Young & Rubicam, Suz led the agency teams for Jimmy John’s, Ford/Lincoln, Target and (now Artful Home).

When: 7:00 am-4:30 pm
Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Where: Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center
1 John Nolen Drive
Madison, WI 53703


Steering Committee members provide guidance on track content, topic suggestions and speaker selection. Thank you to the 2019 Marketing Track Steering Committee:

Michelle DauchyMichelle Dauchy
Chief Marketing Officer
Mercury Marine

Adrienne HartmanAdrienne Hartman
Director of E-commerce & Campaign Sales
J.J. Keller & Associates

Scott KowalskiScott Kowalski
Executive Vice President – Marketing, Business Development and Corporate Communications
WPS Health Solutions

Chris MurrayChris Murray
Marketing Practice Director


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