9:20–9:45 am

IT Hygiene – Getting Back to the Basics

Josh Bryant
Director of Technical Account Management, Tanium

Over time, organizations have adapted to growing IT complexity with investments in best-of-breed tools, teams, and processes. However, this approach has only added complexity and made environments even harder to operate and secure. Operating today's environments requires revisiting the basics of security and systems management with a focus on simplification.

This session will focus on:

  • How to take an end-to-end approach to IT Hygiene that spans processes, tools and departments.
  • How to drive alignment and collaboration between IT Ops and Security.
About Josh »

Josh Bryant is currently a Director of Technical Account Management at Tanium where he helps very large enterprise customers gain high speed visibility and control over their endpoints. As one of the subject matter experts on Tanium’s Threat Response module, he helps customers quickly hunt for, detect, and respond to advanced threats. Prior to joining Tanium, he was a Cybersecurity Architect at Microsoft, where he focused on delivering cybersecurity services ranging from tactical and strategic recovery to advanced threat Analytics implementations, risk assessments and more, to customers in a variety of industries around the world. Josh is also a Master Sergeant in the Illinois Air National Guard, where he manages a team of Systems Administrators that maintain an Air Operations Center. He has over 20 years in IT specializing in cybersecurity and messaging, and spent some of his Active Duty U.S. Air Force time as a Network Security Manager, performing vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.

9:20–9:45 am

DevOps: Project to Product

Tim Curless
Senior Cloud Architect, AHEAD

Creating a DevOps product offering elevates the value of the DevOps organization to the rest of the business. IT objectives are met through individual projects. Business objectives are furthered through cohesive DevOps products. Learn about the key differences between project work and product development, and see real world examples for DevOps product development.

About Tim »

At AHEAD, Tim works on the Cloud team, where he focuses on DevOps and Automation. With a passion for solving complex problems, Tim helps clients build transformative solutions that drive real business value. Specifically, Tim takes a consensus building approach with business leaders, developers and IT operations to change the way applications are created, maintained and deployed. The end result is a solution that increases speed to deliver new features to customers and decreased complexity for operations staff.

9:20–9:45 am
Jake Beyer EDCi

Answers for the 2019 Contact Center Challenges

Jake Beyer
Director of Customer Care, EDCi

We’re constantly hearing about all of the advancements and trends in technology, but the reality is that it can be difficult for contact centers to keep up. If you feel your contact center is behind the times, you are not alone. EDCi will outline the common obstacles we are seeing in contact centers right here in Wisconsin and discuss what companies are doing to address these obstacles with a focus on technology solutions. There is hope!

About Jake »

Jake Beyer brings over 15 years of customer service and contact center experience to EDCi where he serves as the Director of Customer Care. Jake and his team focus on helping organizations optimize their contact center software and processes. This seamless integration allows for maximum efficiency. EDCi’s numerous innovation and growth awards are a testament to the unique approach that EDCi has used to solve business problems using process and technology. Jake is passionate about technology and invests a great deal of time into keeping his skills current. From complex contact center integrations to optimization and consulting, he understands the vital task of aligning IT with the strategic goals of the business.

9:20–9:45 am
Kathy Kuntz WMEP

Want Culture Change? There’s a Game for That

Kathy Kuntz
Principal, Kanndo Consulting LLC

Ever wished you could change corporate culture? Imagine — employees throughout the company moving in the same direction, committed to a shared vision and consistent practices. This isn’t fantasy — you can make it happen. More, if you use gamification, you can make it fun and social while you achieve substantive change and increased employee engagement!

Gamification is the process of applying game mechanics —points, leaderboards— to real life tasks. A radical idea just a few years ago, more and more companies are now embracing games as a way to influence change. Gamification is an innovative and surprisingly effective way to engage a wide variety of employees.

In this session, Kathy Kuntz, presenting on behalf of WMEP, will provide an overview of gamification and share brief case studies about several Wisconsin companies that used games to their engage employees around corporate sustainability. Attendees will get concrete ideas about how they could incorporate games to reinforce innovation, sustainability, safety or other key objectives within their own companies.

About Kathy »

Kathy Kuntz has almost 30 years of experience influencing consumers, businesses and whole communities to adopt sustainable practices and technologies. Her work spans energy and water efficiency, transportation, waste reduction, beneficial electrification, and renewable energy. Kathy’s expertise, regardless of the resource or technology, is to make change happen.

From 2010 to 2019 Kathy Kuntz was the executive director of Cool Choices, a Wisconsin-based nonprofit that inspires individuals, communities, and businesses to adopt sustainable practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Under Kathy’s leadership, Cool Choices collaborated with hundreds of private businesses and public entities to engage thousands of people in sustainability, promoting changes at work and at home via a fun online platform.

Prior to Cool Choices Kathy led Focus on Energy, Wisconsin’s statewide energy efficiency and renewable energy program. Under Kathy’s leadership the program expanded its activities and strengthened its partnerships with utilities and trade allies.

The author of numerous presentations and papers on behavior change and energy efficiency, Kathy has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota, Morris, and a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Kathy Kuntz is advising the WMEP on the Cool Choices platform, which is available for a variety of purposes to all organization types through the WMEP.

1:20–1:45 pm

Understanding the Benefits of a Complete Identity Solution

Sara Stevens
Vice President of Data, Identity & Measurement, Conversant

Identity is the foundation for digital marketing and understanding (or knowing) your customers throughout each stage of the customer-lifecycle is essential for success. Marketers today use a variety of identity solutions, and often times they have multiple media partners helping them to achieve their identity management goals. The challenge is maximizing and sustaining Identity to not only accurately measure success but also to develop long standing dialogues with customers. During this session, we’ll discuss why a unified Identity Resolution solution is necessary for marketers to drive performance in their marketing programs.

About Sara »

As Vice President of Data, Identity and Measurement, Sara Stevens has multiple roles. She leads the curation and management of Identity Resolution (cross-device marketing) at Conversant and is responsible for global reach, accuracy, persistence, market positioning and strategy. Additionally, Sara develops audience data offerings by activating first and third-party data to enrich profiles for targeting and closed-loop measurement and owns measurement and reporting solutions for all media products such as CRM and Acquisition, expressing performance outcomes for marketing activities. Prior to joining Epsilon-Conversant, Sara held a variety of digital-related roles in sales, analytics and consulting for Avnet, comScore and PWC. Sara earned her Bachelor of Science degree in International Marketing from Arizona University. In her free time, you’ll find Sara on the tennis courts, traveling and enjoying time spent with her dogs.

1:20–1:45 pm
Setrag Khoshafian Pegasystems

The 10 Dimensions of Digital Transformation (DX) Debt – and How to Alleviate It!

Dr. Setrag Khoshafian
Chief Evangelist, Pegasystems

This session will delve into the 10 dimensions of Digital Transformation, or DX. Pega will cover how to:

  • Create an organizational culture to drive innovation.
  • Develop a customer experience that is optimized across channels.
  • Scale with the organization to avoid decisions that lead to DX debt – hasty decisions that steal your resources.
  • Use the 10 Dimensions of DX to thrive in the connected world we all live in today.

Pega will start with cultural transformation and build up to a robust best practice approach: thinking digital but starting small. Current and emerging digital technologies such as AI, IoT and blockchain will be covered – but from a pragmatic transformational perspective. Setrag will show you how you can use automation to generate value and alleviate DX debt.

About Setrag »

Dr. Setrag Khoshafian is one of the industry´s pioneers and recognized experts in Digital Enterprises, especially Digital Transformation through intelligent BPM, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, and CRM. He has been a senior executive in the software industry for the past 25 years, where he has invented, architected, and steered the production of several enterprise software products and solutions.

Currently, he is Pega’s Chief Evangelist and strategic IoT & Digital Process Automation (evolved BPM) technology thought leader involved in numerous technologies, thought leadership, marketing, alliance, and customer initiatives. Most of his time is spent with public sector as well as Fortune 2000 companies, specifically on their cultural transformational journeys leveraging digital technologies. He has given a TEDx talk on Cultural trends and published in Forbes on Digital Transformation Debt as well as RT Insights as part their Brain Trust.

Previously he was the Senior VP of Technology at Savvion where he invented and led the development of the world’s first web centric BPM platform. He was a senior architect at Ashton-Tate where he invented Intelligent SQL, and previously a researcher at MCC, where he invented several object databases technologies.

Dr. Khoshafian is a frequent speaker and presenter at international workshops and conferences. He is the lead author of more than 10 books and hundreds of publications in various industry and academic journals.

He has also been full-time as well as adjunct professor in several universities across the globe.

Dr. Khoshafian holds an MSc and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

1:20–1:45 pm

From Brick & Mortar to Digital Superhero: DSW’s Journey to
AI-Powered Virtual Agents

Tim Harpe, Director of Customer Operations-Digital, DSW and
Brian Morin, CMO, SmartAction

As consumer habits shifted and digital technology took hold of the Customer Experience, DSW set out on a journey to extend their incredible in-store experience to digital environments, as well. In this interactive session, attendees will hear from Tim Harpe, Director of Customer Operations-Digital, as he details DSW’s transformation to AI-powered virtual agents, which brought operational savings without sacrificing an ounce of CX. Key takeaways include how conversational AI contributed to overall business growth, which calls/chats are perfect for AI-enabled self-service, the key metrics for tracking success, and how Tim turned from “AI skeptic” to “believer” in just a few short months.

About Tim and Brian »

Tim Harpe has spent 30 years keeping customers at the center of every conversation. A retail veteran with a deep understanding of Customer Experience, Operational Expertise, Omnichannel Retail, Marketing and Customer Retention. Join Tim for a real-life discussion on how DSW is leveraging Virtual Agents as part of their AI-Assisted Customer Service Strategy.

Brian Morin is the head of marketing for SmartAction where their obsession with creating incredible customer experiences with conversational AI has made them the top-rated Virtual Customer Assistant solution on Gartner Peer Insights and distinction as “The Leader in AI-Enhanced Self-Service” by Frost & Sullivan.

1:20–1:45 pm

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)+AI:
From Abstract Ideas to Tangible Use Cases
Across the Enterprise

Nathan Welch
Customer Success Director, UiPath

AI is at the epicenter of conversations in the technology world today, but how many pragmatic solutions are actually being deployed? UiPath will cover the art of the possible for implementing (and scaling) RPA across functions and verticals to allow companies to move faster than the competition and create better customer experiences. In addition, UiPath will address how RPA can be leveraged as the catalyst for solving real-world business challenges through AI and enable you on your digital transformation journey. You'll come out of the session with a few relevant use cases to take back to your organization, along with embracing an automation first mindset!

About Nathan »

Nathan Welch is a strategic and customer-focused technology professional with over 15 years of successful experience guiding strategy for the full life-cycle of technology products and program applications with successes in designing, developing, implementing and supporting digital transformation software solutions for diverse clients. Nathan is currently leading a team of RPA professionals defining the digital workforce of tomorrow by enabling RPA implementations for some of the world’s largest companies. Nathan is responsible for empowering UiPath customers to achieve business value and significant ROI for their digital workforce by maximizing the adoption, self-sufficiency and business outcomes of their RPA and UiPath software investments through proven deployment methodology and strategic guidance.


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