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Procurement Peer Group Virtual Meeting 

Lightning Round: Top Supplier Questions of 2022 in 60 Minutes 
December 14, 2022 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM 
Quick review of the burning questions you've been asking in 2022. 

If you haven't had time for recent UWEBC events due to supply chain challenges, this event is for you!

In 60 minutes, we'll cover the burning questions you've been asking in 2022:

  • How has your sourcing strategy changed over the past year? Dual-sourcing, re-shoring, overflow sourcing, etc.?
  • What is the best way to communicate supply chain challenges to my upper management and other internal customers?
  • What are the most important metrics to consider when measuring supplier health?
  • How can I improve supplier communication to improve my forecast accuracy and minimize my cost exposure?
  • How can we focus on the future while continuing to improve current state?

Participate in Customizing the Agenda: If you have a success story to share on one of these topics, please contact Jenny Patzlaff to be part of our Member Spotlight Panel. This will be a highly interactive session so come prepared to share your questions, challenges and insights!

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Agenda Items:
9:00 AM Welcome and Opening Remarks
  Jenny Patzlaff, UWEBC Supply Chain Practice Director
9:05 AM Lightning Round: Top Supplier Questions of 2022 in 60 Minutes
  All Participants
9:55 AM Wrap Up
10:00 AM Adjourn
Events Team, , events@uwebc.wisc.edu 

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