Marketing Peer Group Web Meeting 

Adapting Your Content Marketing Playbook for New Realities 
January 27, 2022 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM 
Take away new ideas for increasing engagement and confidently grow your customer base and/or community, discussing and comparing practices with fellow UWEBC members.This meeting will be held via web only. 

With more of our lives spent online, our audience is more available to us than ever. But with the increase in online content, how can we break through the noise and stand out from other brands?

As continuous testing and learning is established in digital marketing, data-driven decision-making and agile practices are even more critical to successful content marketing. We have had to become more creative and experimental in our approach.

After attending this meeting, you will be able to:

  • Identify key metrics to help your message stand out.
  • Unify your marketing processes, streamline communication, and turbocharge your results.
  • Develop the story people will tell themselves about your message.

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Agenda Items:
1:00 PM Welcome and Opening Remarks
1:15 PM Member Networking
  An opportunity for you to meet a few of your peers before the presentations. No cheesy exercises. This is a chance to build your professional network and share what your team is challenged by with content marketing.
1:30 PM Member Practice Spotlight -- Laughlin Constable
  Bryan Wilson, Director of Content Strategy, will share observations from the perspective of a full-service advertising agency serving many clients and what they observed. Bryan will then share a case study illustrating how creativity and agility were leveraged in one client's content marketing efforts.
1:55 PM Break
  Let's call this a "Flash Break". We have a lot of activity today. Let's catch a breath and dive right back in!
2:00 PM Member Practice Spotlight -- Sargento Foods
  Jonn Stanwood and Chis Houser, both Sr. Marketing Managers, will share how Sargento adapted their content marketing strategy during what continues to be the most dramatic disruption in modern times. How and where consumers buy groceries has been one of the most dramatic and perhaps long term shifts in consumer behavior requiring an agile response to be where consumers are.
2:30 PM Breakout Discussions
  This is where the magic of the day happens. Two of your fellow members have shared insights on how they've modified their approaches to content marketing in response to significant changes in consumer behavior. This is your chance to share important takeaways and hear what others found helpful.
2:45 PM Closing Remarks and Wrap-Up
3:00 PM Adjourn
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