Agile Information Technology Special Interest Group 

Enabling and Leading Enterprise-Wide Agile Adoption 
February 20, 2019 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM 
How can you help your organization be more Agile? 

Digital transformation is a priority for most enterprises. Achieving digital transformation requires a closer examination of the work being done in an organization and how it is done. Agile is no longer a radical, nor an experimental practice reserved exclusively for software developers. Instead, it is a proven methodological framework that can deliver effective, efficient, reliable and most importantly, quicker results. Agile can be an effective way for most organizations to realize transformation and improve productivity.

As companies look at more wide-scale adoption of Agile practices along the enterprise, IT teams are in a perfect position to lead this charge. Adopting Agile across multiple business lines and product groups require a closer examination of foundational processes, organizational structures, operating models, relationships and of course culture. But, the rewards of being innovative, nimble and responsive in a fast-evolving business environment is undeniable and increasingly a necessity for mere survival for most businesses. Many businesses entrenched in legacy operating environments, marred in organizational malaise would gladly welcome a more invigorating approach like Agile to deliver faster results.

This meeting of the Agile IT Special Interest Group will be devoted to looking at a more wide-scale adoption of Agile methodology and practices along the enterprise. Among the presenters at this event are CUNA Mutual Group who has adopted Agile methodologies to drive continuous improvement across many functional areas. Also presenting at this event is Erik Weber who very recently assisted a company cut a 18-month long production cycles to just weeks through the creation of cross-functional teams and Agile practices. We will also hear other great examples of companies scaling Agile across the organization and the role IT is playing in helping them reach these objectives. This would be an exceptional opportunity for IT leaders to invite their counterparts from other functional areas and business leaders who are truly interested in transforming to a digital enterprise that is geared towards delivery.

Agenda Items:
9:00 AM Opening Remarks and Plan for the Day (webcast available)
  Cavinda Caldera, IT Practice Director, UWEBC
9:15 AM How CUNA Mutual Group is Adopting Agility Across the Enterprise (webcast available)
  Tammie Harvey – Director of Agile Continuous Improvement
Meg Herrick – Senior Manager of Change Management
Ryan Ashley – Agile Coach \ Scrum Master
Jeff Bubolz – Agile Coach
10:15 AM Case Study: Colony Brands Agile Journey (webcast available)
  Carrie Baumhover - Director of Project Management
Larry Kloepping - Agile Coach
10:45 AM Breakout Discussions – Segment 1 (not webcast)
11:25 AM Break (not webcast)
11:35 AM Breakout Discussions – Segment 2 (not webcast)
12:15 PM Lunch (not webcast)
1:00 PM Driving Agility Across the Enterprise (webcast available)
  Erik Weber – Managing Partner, HealthChampion
2:00 PM Panel Discussion (webcast available)
  Jeff Bubolz – Agile Coach, CUNA Mutual Group
Erik Weber – Managing Partner, HealthChampion
Chad Beier – Agile Coach, Whiteboard Consulting
Tammie Harvey - Director of Agile Continuous Improvement, CUNA Mutual Group
2:55 PM Wrap Up and Closing Remarks (webcast available)
3:00 PM Adjourn (webcast available)
Gordon Dining and Event Center, Second Floor 
Events Team, 608-262-1145, 

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