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Content Marketing Special Interest Group Virtual Meeting 

Kickoff Planning Workshop for Content Marketing SIG 
August 17, 2022 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM 

Members have asked to do a deeper-dive into the many facets of content marketing. We have been polling members and will narrow our focus on a broad subject area selected by members. This meeting will be a workshop to jointly create a list of 8 to 12 meeting topics that will be covered over the lifespan of this series.

Things to know about Special Interest Group (SIG) programming.

  • Special Interest Group meetings are intended to be smaller than our Peer Group meeting events.
  • We seek to create a tight-knit cohort throughout the life of the programming. Participants should be willing to commit to attending as many of the meetings as possible.
  • The Content Marketing SIG will meet quarterly.
  • We rely predominantly on members to present case studies of their work on the meeting topic being discussed.

If your organization has a senior content marketing practitioner interested in participating on the steering committee for our new Content Marketing Special Interest Group, please contact our Marketing Practice Director, Bill Carrier, via email at bill.carrier@uwebc.wisc.edu

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