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Agile IT Special Interest Group Virtual Meeting 

Optimizing Value Stream Management for Agile 
February 15, 2023 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM 
Learn how to harness the power of value stream management to enhance innovation, optimally balance resources, and fuel dramatic improvements in delivery. 

This session will introduce the concept of value stream management and how it can benefit your agile practice. We will discuss the importance of developing and managing value streams, including the ability to track and measure progress, identify areas of improvement and improve flow and throughput. We will also cover the different types of value stream mapping, including current and future state maps, and how they can offer insight into the development process and help define and clarify what value means to the organization. Finally, we will present tips and techniques for implementing value stream management into your organization and how it can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your teams.

In this session join Al Shalloway, Founder & CEO with Success Engineering, in learning how to enhance customer experience, increase innovation, and reduce costs with value stream management practices.

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Agenda Items:
10:30 AM Welcome & Opening Remarks
  Heidi Rozmiarek, IT Practice Director at UWEBC

10:45 AM Optimizing Value Stream Management for Agile
  Al Shalloway, CEO of Success Engineering

12:20 PM Wrap Up & Closing Remarks
  Heidi Rozmiarek, IT Practice Director at UWEBC

12:30 PM Adjourn
Events Team, , events@uwebc.wisc.edu 
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