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Center for Professional Executive Development

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UWEBC members enjoy a 15% discount on the programs and courses below from UW-Madison’s Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development

Chief Marketing Officer Leadership Program
June 25-28, 2024, in person at the Fluno Center in Madison, WI
The CMO Digital Leadership Program will cover a variety of topical areas that are critical to realizing digital transformation including: leveraging and analyzing data across the organization to shape business strategy, embracing the digitization of the economy and the impact on customer preferences, and positioning marketing as a key driver of organizational growth and success.

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Building a Culture of Inclusion and Belonging
June 24-25, 2024, in person at the Fluno Center in Madison, WI
Learn how to develop a diversity strategy to connect DEI goals to values, how to incorporate DEI into the employee lifecycle, and how to gain buy-in from your organization’s leadership. You will explore key factors that create an inclusive workplace culture where employees feel a sense of belonging. Finally, you will gain tools to help improve communication and interaction that build positive cultures and motivation among team members.

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Chief Information Officer Digital Leadership Program
March 10-14, 2025, in person at the Fluno Center in Madison, WI
The CIO Digital Leadership Program will cover a variety of topical areas that are critical to realizing digital transformation including the digital transformation of business and the transformative power of digitization, value-driven innovation, data and analytics, talent acquisition and management, and portfolio management.

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Interdisciplinary Professional Programs

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UWEBC members enjoy a 20% discount on professional development courses offered by Interdisciplinary Professional Programs in the UW-Madison College of Engineering.

Cybersecurity Bootcamp
July 9 – August 6, 2024
, Online
The UW-Madison Cybersecurity Bootcamp, offered by InterPro and powered by the premier global cybersecurity training organization ThriveDX, was developed by leading cybersecurity experts. This accelerated training program provides practical, state-of-the-art skills to ensure learners and their organizations remain resilient in a rapidly-changing digital landscape. From flexible online self-paced classes to live sessions with expert instructors, the Cybersecurity Bootcamp will equip you with the expertise to defend your organization against cyberthreats.

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Agile for Technical Teams
November 12-14, 2024 In person at the Pyle Center in Madison, WI
Engage in hands-on exercises to understand and implement the fundamental roles, processes and artifacts of Agile project and product delivery. The course includes a combination of presentations, readings, videos, examples and case studies.

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Continuing Studies

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UWEBC members enjoy a 20% discount on the non-credit professional development programs and courses below from the UW-Madison Division of Continuing Studies.

Agile Scrum for Project Management
August 21–28 and October 10–17, 2024, Live online
This class will help build foundational knowledge of Scrum and equip you with skills to effectively manage, lead, or be a member of a Scrum team. You will learn what kinds of projects call for an Agile Scrum approach.

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Managing Time, Multiple Priorities, and Interruptions
September 18, 2024
, Live online
Identify behaviors, create strategies that help you manage multiple priorities and handle interruptions so you are more effective at work. Cover the myth of multitasking, how daily goals and objectives lead to success, strategies and best practices in putting out fires and doing more than one job.

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Applied AI for Non-Technical Leaders
September 25 – October 9, 2024
, Live online
Artificial Intelligence is not a trend. It is a revolutionary development in technology for which all workplaces should be informed and prepared. This course is designed for non-technical managers and professionals seeking to understand and leverage generative AI in their operations.

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Conflict in the Workplace: Crafting and Adapting Your Role in Resolution
October 1–8, 2024, Live online
Conflict in the workplace is normal, even inevitable. We tend to avoid it despite the many benefits of resolving conflict effectively. Managing conflict can improve decision-making, strengthen professional relationships, increase employee retention, and significantly contribute to organizational success. In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn about your own conflict styles and examine the pros and cons of each as they apply to varying conflicts in the workplace.

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Servant Leadership Certificate
October 16 – November 7,
Live online
Examine the core aspects of servant leadership. Topics for the five-day program are: Servant Leadership Foundations, Personal and Organizational Challenges of Servant Leadership, Serving Customers/Clients/Citizens, Servant Leadership at the Team and Organizational Level and Connecting Servant Leadership to the Community and the World.

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