UW E-Business Institute

The UWEBI conducts multi-disciplinary research enhancing the competitiveness of Wisconsin industry.

The UW E-Business Institute (UWEBI) is a campus-wide University of Wisconsin-Madison initiative conducting multi-disciplinary research on e-business strategies, emerging information technologies, and innovative business practices. The UWEBI’s overarching goal: enhance the competitiveness of Wisconsin industry.


UWEBI – WMEP Collaborative Partnership

The UWEBI has established a collaborative partnership with the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership to assist Wisconsin manufacturers in learning and applying business best practices, expanding the body of knowledge related to the successful adoption of e-business and related technologies and strategies.

Research and Projects

Current areas of research include:

  • Digital business innovation and transformation
  • Customer experience excellence
  • Industrial data analytics and intelligent decision-making
  • Data science and AI-enabled business process improvement and automation
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Smart manufacturing and connected enterprise
  • Supply chain management and optimization

For more information about UWEBI, contact:

Dr. Raj Veeramani

Position title: Founder and Executive Director, UW E-Business Consortium and UW E-Business Institute Professor, College of Engineering & School of Business

Email: raj.veeramani@uwebc.wisc.edu

Phone: 608-262-0861