Dr. Raj Veeramani

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Founder and Executive Director, UW E-Business Consortium and UW E-Business Institute Professor, College of Engineering & School of Business

Email: raj.veeramani@uwebc.wisc.edu

Phone: 608-262-0861

photo of Dr. Raj Verramani

Dr. Raj Veeramani is the E-Business Chair Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with joint appointments in the College of Engineering and the School of Business. He is the Executive Director of the campus-wide UW E-Business Institute and UW E-Business Consortium, which is Wisconsin’s leading university-industry partnership helping industry gain competitive advantage through digital business strategies and best practices. He is also the Founding Director of the UW Internet of Things (IoT) Systems Research Center, a hub for university-industry partnership focused on research, innovation and collaborative learning of IoT and industrial analytics.

Dr. Veeramani is an internationally recognized scholar, educator and business advisor. His expertise runs deep in several areas: digital business strategy, smart and connected systems, supply chain management, and building customer-centered organizations. His research focuses on new frontiers of digital transformation, industrial data analytics, IoT technologies and applications, smart and connected systems, and supply chain management. Dr. Veeramani is recognized for his practical, real-world perspective. His work has embodied active collaboration with leading companies in a variety of industries.

Dr. Veeramani has received numerous awards in recognition of his work from the university, the National Science Foundation and several professional societies. Dr. Veeramani’s efforts and contributions to foster university-industry collaboration have also been recognized by former Wisconsin Governors Tommy Thompson, Scott McCallum, Jim Doyle and Scott Walker.