Meet Our Team

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Doug Barton

Credentials: MBA

Position title: Director


Phone: 608-890-1052

As the Director, Doug Barton leads the UWEBC team to implement strategies to achieve operational excellence. He also oversees the development of new and expanded ways to serve our members’ evolving needs for talent and…

Dr. Raj Veeramani

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Founder and Executive Director, UW E-Business Consortium and UW E-Business Institute Professor, College of Engineering & School of Business


Phone: 608-262-0861

Dr. Raj Veeramani is the E-Business Chair Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with joint appointments in the College of Engineering and the School of Business. He is the Executive Director of the campus-wide UW…

Pema Bhutia

Credentials: MBA

Position title: Events Coordinator


Phone: 608-262-5566

As an Events Coordinator, Pema is responsible for making sure the UWEBC events are well planned, executed and meet the participants’ satisfaction level. Pema brings over 14 years of experience, working in a multicultural environment…

Matthew Cone

Position title: Customer Service Practice Director


Phone: 608-263-0635

Matthew Cone leads the UWEBC’s Customer Service practice area. Matthew has spent his career working with teams to deliver amazing customer experiences with a focus on collaboration and the strength of diversity. Matthew comes most recently…

Tom Hershberger

Position title: Marketing Practice Director


Phone: 608-265-3299

Tom Hershberger serves as the Marketing Practice Director for the UWEBC, working with member companies to enable peer-to-peer learning. Tom believes in the power of collaborative exchange and strives to create an environment where innovation,…

Taryn Johnson

Position title: Marketing Specialist


Phone: 608-262-1476

Taryn Johnson brings more than a decade of marketing and communication experience to the UWEBC. Taryn has a background in digital marketing, web design and project management. Prior to joining the UWEBC, she served as…

Jenny Patzlaff

Position title: Supply Chain Practice Director


Phone: 608-890-1298

Jenny is an experienced cross-functional team leader and 20+ year supply chain veteran. She has a passion for data transparency, solving supply chain problems, and promoting a team culture of collaboration and continuous learning. Jenny…

Roger Paulson

Credentials: MBA, CME

Position title: Director of Membership Operations & Engagement Transformation


Phone: 608-261-1161

Roger Paulson supports and coaches the UWEBC Practice Director team on planning, design, and execution of high-engagement collaborative learning events for UWEBC members. His role also encompasses research and implementation of enabling technologies for practice…

Heidi Rozmiarek

Credentials: MBA

Position title: Information Technology Practice Director


Phone: 608-890-1291

As the IT Practice Director, Heidi Rozmiarek leads the technology practice of the UWEBC. She works with member companies to ensure education, research, and advisory service offerings are aligned with the needs of the membership.…