Cross-Functional Interest Groups

UWEBC is proud to announce our new Cross-Functional Interest Groups, with topics that span two or more practice areas.

These groups are pivotal in cultivating shared competencies for meeting modern-day challenges. Interrelated areas enable organizations to adapt swiftly, lead effectively, and harness intelligence to achieve strategic goals.

We are currently offering events in three specific cross-functional areas:

Learn about each of these and see upcoming events below.

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Leadership, Change Management, and Strategy Activation

The Leadership, Change Management, and Strategy Activation learning forums are crucial for fostering an adaptive organizational culture, priming leaders for change and challenge, and enhancing employee development and activation to drive strategic execution.

Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology learning forums promote cross-functional collaboration, drive digital transformation, and fortify organizational resilience through synergistic integration of people, processes, and technology.

Data and Analytics

The Data and Analytics learning forums center on leveraging “intelligence” for operational value, empowering business progress through data storytelling, and nurturing a data and AI-literate workforce to close the skills gap.