First Time Attendee FAQ

We’re so glad you’re joining us at a UWEBC event. To help you prepare for your first time, we’ve prepared some answers to frequently asked questions. If you would like additional assistance, please contact our events coordinator, Pema Bhutia.

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Is there a cost to attend UWEBC events?

All Peer Group meetings, Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings and Executive Retreats are free of charge for all employees of member companies.

The UWEBC provides programming in its four core focus areas — Customer Service, Information Technology, Marketing and Supply Chain Management. Additionally, we offer a SIG for Human Resources Executives.

We encourage cross-pollination of innovative ideas as a core UWEBC value. Please share our events with your colleagues; there is no limit on how many focus areas a company can participate in.

Where is the best place to park?

You will receive a confirmation email with parking recommendations about one week before the event. More parking details for UWEBC events can be found here.

Who do I contact if I have a dietary request?

Each meeting includes a contintenal breakfast and lunch. Please contact our events coordinator, Pema Bhutia five business days prior to the start of the event if you have any special dietary requests, (e.g., vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free).

What is the dress code?

The majority of attendees wear casual to business casual clothes.

The only exception is for meetings at the Madison Club, which has a business professional or business casual dress code. Approved dress at the club consists of a collared shirt, tailored slacks and nonathletic shoes. Check their website for most current information.

What will the day be like?

Upon arrival, a UWEBC staff person will greet you with a nametag. The meeting will kick off with a brief welcome by the Practice Director, followed by presentations and group discussions. Because the UWEBC focuses on peer-to-peer learning, Peer Group and SIG meetings are not classes, but interactive learning events. Click here to see what a Peer Group meeting looks like.

Attendees do not receive printed presentations, but you will receive an email after the event with links to available PDFs and videos of presentations.

I need to cancel or change my registration. Who do I contact?

Our in-person events do fill up, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. If you can’t make a Peer Group meeting in-person, most are available online, as well.

In either case, please contact our Events Coordinator with your cancellation,  registration change, or need to access materials online.

What post-meeting materials will I receive?

Following the event, you will receive an email with links to PDFs of the presentations. Most Peer Group meetings also include Mediasite video of the presentations.

When you sign in to our website, you can access all past meeting assets, including PDFs, Mediasite videos and additional resources. Or, check out your Peer Group’s Digests.

Please note some presenters do not allow us to record or distribute their materials.

I'm having problems finding some information on the website. Who should I contact?

As our users, your feedback is important to us and we want to help you find what you’re looking for. Contact Marketing Specialist Taryn Johnson.

What if I'd like to present at a meeting? How do I go about that?

Contact the Practice Director of the relevant focus area to discuss your interest in presenting.

Is it okay if I bring a friend from another company to a Peer Group meeting?

A nonmember may attend once as a guest of a member attendee. Please notify us ahead of time by contacting Beth de Garcia, as we will need to print a name tag and table tent.