Continuous Threat Exposure Management

Dive into the world of proactive cybersecurity with our virtual event on Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM). Unlock strategies to detect and neutralize cyber threats, fortifying your digital defense like never before.

- 12:00 PM

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Dive into the essentials of proactive cyber defense with our session on Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM). Learn to anticipate, evaluate, and neutralize cyber threats before they impact your operations, arming yourself with advanced strategies to protect your digital landscape.

Learning Outcomes: Members will leave this session equipped with the following key competencies:

  • Comprehensive Understanding of CTEM: Acquire a deep understanding of Continuous Threat Exposure Management, its importance in modern cybersecurity strategies, and how it enables organizations to anticipate and neutralize potential threats before they manifest into breaches.

  • Strategic Implementation Techniques: Master the critical strategies and best practices for integrating CTEM into your cybersecurity framework, ensuring your organization remains ahead of potential vulnerabilities and threats.

  • Practical Insight through Case Studies: Learn from real-world applications of CTEM, including the challenges faced by member organizations and the effective solutions implemented to address these issues, providing a practical perspective on how to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity threats.

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Agenda Items

10:00 AM Welcome & Opening Remarks
  Heidi Rozmiarek, UWEBC IT Practice Director

10:15 AM Mastering Cybersecurity with NIST 2.0
  David Cagigal, CXO Advisor at ZScaler, Retired State of Wisconsin CIO

10:50 AM Member Spotlight: Generac on Understanding & Managing Attack Surface
  William Cummings, Chief Information Security Officer at Generac

11:20 AM Member Round Table Discussion
11:50 AM Wrap Up & Closing Remarks
12:00 PM Adjourn

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Location: Zoom
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