Strategy Activation Boot Camp

Engage and align your team for change management success.

- May 15, 2024 12:30 PM


The UWEBC, in collaboration with Aric Wood Vision & Strategy Partners, is proud to bring this unique Strategy Activation Boot Camp exclusively to the UWEBC network.

Strategy Activation is the art and science of persuading people to align around, engage with, and adopt new ways of working in order to achieve a shared vision. In this Boot Camp, you will move from feeling frustrated that you can’t get people on board with change to effectively applying a powerful process that moves people from alignment to adoption using a strategy activation plan tailored to your organization. The course will introduce an overall framework as the first step in building your strategy activation practice, providing you with the tools, skills – and confidence – to see your team through the successful execution of your current and future change initiatives.

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Location: Zoom
Contact: Matthew Cone, (608) 263-0635,