Driving Prioritization through Strategic Themes and OKR's

Learn how to leverage strategic themes and the concept of OKR's to drive prioritization.

- 12:00 PM


Prioritization will never be 100% objective. There is no algorithm or magic formula that solves all of an organizations prioritization challenges, despite what everyone who offers an approach tells you. However, there are approaches which work better than others and in this session we will explore how organizations can leverage strategic themes and the concept of OKRs to drive prioritization. This method draws the line of sight, or the bridge between the strategy at the top level, and the work that is actually done in the teams.

Goals for this session include:

  • Learn how to create the autonomy agile teams so desperately need to function effectively
  • Learn how mapping strategic themes to OKRs can drive the work and priorities of work
  • Participate in small group breakouts to solution real world problems with other participants

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Agenda Items

10:00 AM Welcome & Opening Remarks
10:20 AM Member Spotlight: Strategic Themes & OKR's at American Family Insurance
  Renée Vogt, Innovation Coach at American Family Insurance

10:50 AM Breakout Discussion 1
11:15 AM Breakout Debrief
11:25 AM Breakout Discussion 2
11:50 AM Closing Remarks
12:00 PM Adjourn

Additional Information

Location: EventsAir
Contact: Events Team, events@uwebc.wisc.edu