Fostering a Resilient Organizational Culture in Hybrid Work Environments

Learn to cultivate a resilient culture with Dr. Andreas Hoffbauer and your peers

- 11:00 AM

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In the evolving landscape of work, the hybrid model presents unique challenges and opportunities for organizational culture. The "HR Executives Group" session is dedicated to unraveling the complexities of fostering resilience in such dynamic environments. This two-hour interactive gathering will delve into research-based insights from renowned expert Andreas Hoffbauer, Ph.D., highlighting pivotal strategies to cultivate a robust and agile organizational fabric.

Key topics covered by Dr. Hoffbauer will include:

  • Dismantling Silos: Techniques for enhancing communication and collaboration across distributed teams to spur innovation and break down barriers inherent in hybrid organizations.
  • Bridging the Leadership Gap: Strategies to align and integrate insights from all levels of the workforce, ensuring that the invaluable perspectives of customer-facing employees inform executive decisions.
  • Organizational Streamlining: Approaches to flatten hierarchical structures, accelerating decision-making, information flow, and mitigating burnout to increase business agility.
  • Relationship Building in Distributed Teams: Fostering interpersonal connections and establishing routines that underpin strong professional relationships, driving meaningful business outcomes.

Dr. Hoffbauer’s approach centers on fortifying the connections within an organization's human network, encompassing strong, weak, and cross-level ties to bolster innovation, engagement, and commitment to the company's mission.

In addition to these insights, the session will shine a spotlight on UWEBC members who have implemented commendable practices or efforts in communication, engagement, alignment, velocity, and leadership. Participants will gain practical knowledge and actionable steps to enrich their organization's resilience and adaptability in a hybrid work setting.

Join us to equip your HR leadership toolkit with the essential elements to thrive in the hybrid work paradigm, leveraging collective wisdom and evidence-based strategies for an empowered and interconnected workforce.

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Agenda Items

9:00 AM Welcome and Opening Remarks
9:15 AM Feature Presentation
  Dr. Andreas Hoffbauer
10:30 AM Breakout Discussion – Discuss and Apply
10:55 AM Wrap Up
11:00 AM Adjourn

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