Generative AI in Text Channels: Co-Pilots, Chatbots and more!

How will you harness the power of the written word and your agents through Generative AI tools?

- 11:00 AM

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38% percent of customers prefer to get help via a text-based channel like self-service, web chat, or email, according to Contact Babel. Even in handling complex interactions, the desire to solve their issue primarily in these channels only drops to 27%. Voice is still the overall channel of choice and demands the bulk of our resources, so how do we ensure quick resolutions for those text-based contacts? Generative AI could provide the edge you need to handle many of these contacts, whether it's automating responses in email or chat to common customer inquiries, suggesting relevant articles via self-service portals, or supporting customers with routine queries and problem-solving processes as a chatbot. Generative AI can enhance your knowledge base resources by making suggestions to a series of articles that could be helpful, highlighting key aspects of an article, or summarizing a few articles that together hold the answers your agent or customer needs. Generative AI can also make your resources more accessible by training your generative AI to understand and respond in multiple languages.

How could this tool help your organization? How would it integrate with the tools you're currently using? What do you need to prepare your organization to leverage these tools successfully? What are some of the concerns about these tools? We'll discuss all of these and many more facets of this horizonal topic.

Join us to hear and learn from the experiences of others and share the experiences and thoughts you have on the topic. Starting with an aligned vision of what Generative AI in text channels is, we will engage in discussion to create actionable steps we can take back to our own organizations to get one step closer to our unique goals.

Who Should Attend?: Participation in this Special Interest Group is encouraged for any contact center practitioners within our member organizations who are comfortable wading through the ambiguity of "what could be" to have the best chance of being prepared for it. All participants are required to register. To learn more about this SIG please contact Matthew Cone.

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Agenda Items

9:00 AM Introductions and Purpose
9:20 AM Defining the Topic
  Generative AI in Text Channels
10:05 AM Breakout Discussiions
10:45 AM Share Out Activity
10:55 AM What's Next!
11:00 AM Adjourn

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