The Voice of Customer Program in a Post-survey Age: How to Listen When No One is Talking

Join us as we unravel the secrets of customer satisfaction in a post-survey age, discovering innovative approaches to hear the voice of your customers.

- 2:00 PM

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Unlocking the Silent Symphony: Finding the Voice of your Customer

Are your customer satisfaction surveys falling on deaf ears? In today's fast-paced business environment, survey fatigue has become an all too familiar tune, leaving organizations struggling to capture the authentic voice of their customers. Our upcoming UWEBC Peer Group, "The Voice of Customer Program in a Post-survey Age: How to Listen When No One is Talking," addresses this pervasive challenge. Join us as we delve into the intricate dynamics of customer feedback in an era where traditional survey methods are becoming increasingly ineffective.


Charting the Course: Overcoming Challenges in a Silent Landscape

In the quest for meaningful customer insights, organizations often find themselves navigating a complex landscape filled with challenges. From the dwindling response rates to the struggle of extracting genuine sentiments from overused survey formats, the road to an effective Voice of Customer program seems riddled with obstacles. Our session aims to shed light on these challenges, providing strategies and alternative approaches that empower customer service professionals to transcend the limitations of traditional survey methodologies and establish a more nuanced understanding of customer satisfaction.


Harmony in Shared Experiences: Learning from Peers for Greater Success

In the realm of customer service, there is immense value in learning from the experiences of others. Our UWEBC Peer Groups provides a unique platform for professionals across diverse industries to come together, exchange insights, and explore innovative solutions. By tapping into the collective wisdom of our community, attendees will gain a fresh perspective on the evolving landscape of customer feedback. Join us as we collectively shape a future where the Voice of Customer program thrives, even in a post-survey age. Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect, learn, and redefine how we listen to our customers.


A Dose of Best Practice: Insights from a CX Thought Leader

In addition to gaining insight from a panel of practitioners in our community, you will hear from Jim Tincher, CCXP, Author of Do B2B Better, and Founder of Heart of the Customer. Join Jim as he challenges conventional wisdom and shares insights on using non-traditional metrics to track and optimize the customer experience. You'll learn and discuss how to go beyond the typical metrics like Net Promoter Score and Customer Satisfaction and use alternative data sources to gain a more comprehensive understanding of key indicators to take your CX program to the next level of success.

Participate in Customizing the Agenda: You’ll have the opportunity to play an active part in shaping the agenda for this session – and to maximize its relevance for you – by suggesting and selecting topics for break-out discussions. Once the agenda is complete, you choose the discussions you want to join. This will be a highly interactive session so come prepared to share your questions, challenges and insights!

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Agenda Items

9:00 AM Introductions & Opening Remarks
9:20 AM Alternative Thinking on CX Metrics
  featuring Jim Tincher, CEO of Heart of the Customer
10:50 AM Break
11:00 AM Member Panel
  Featuring Mason Companies, Sentry Insurance and Sub-Zero Group
11:25 AM Breakout Discussions
  Virtual Attendees Only
11:25 AM Develop Breakout Topic Agenda
  Onsite Attendees Only
11:30 AM Lunch
  Onsite Attendees Only
11:55 AM Wrap-up
  Virtual Attendees Only
12:00 PM Adjourn
  Virtual Attendees Only
12:15 PM Breakout Discussions: Segment 1
  Onsite Attendees Only
1:05 PM Breakout Discussions: Segment 2
  Onsite Attendees Only
1:50 PM Wrap-up
  Onsite Attendees only
2:00 PM Adjourn
  Onsite Attendees Only

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Location: UW-Madison Pyle Center (In-person); Zoom (Virtual)
Location Address: 702 Langdon Street, Madison, WI 53706
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