Building a Culture of Change Management and Strategy Activation in Your Organization

Unlock organizational success – join us for 'Building a Culture of Change Management and Strategy Activation', where members converge to master the art of adaptability and strategic innovation.

- 12:00 PM

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Empowering Leaders Across Functions

We are excited to announce the launch of our Leadership, Change Management & Strategy Activation, Cross-Functional Interest Group! This initiative aims to unite various practices under one transformative approach, inspiring organization-wide engagement.

Join Our Flagship Peer-Learning Event

Join us for our inaugural event, "Building a Culture of Change Management and Strategy Activation in Your Organization." Industry leaders, change agents, and forward-thinking professionals converge to explore the critical skills and strategies necessary to foster a dynamic and adaptive organizational culture. These principles are universally applicable, making it invaluable for executives, managers, and practitioners seeking to drive positive organizational change.

Addressing Universal Challenges

Creating a culture of change and responsiveness is rewarding but not without its challenges. Neglecting the development of these crucial skills could lead to organizational stagnation. With evidence suggesting that 80% of strategies fail, the imperative to improve our success rate is clear. Our session we’ll discuss overcoming the common obstacles of resistance to change and the costly repercussions of inaction.

Practical Solutions and Insightful Discussions

This event will offer more than just theoretical insights—it promises to showcase change management and strategy activation, offering practical solutions to address these challenges head-on.

Building a Community of Change

Above all, we recognize the power of collaboration and community in driving organizational transformation. This event is not just a learning opportunity—it's a chance to forge lasting connections with peers who share your commitment to progress. Join us to explore how we can collectively nurture a culture of change management and strategy activation to ensure our organizations not only survive but thrive in the future.

Agenda Items

9:00 AM Introduction & Opening Remarks
9:15 AM Member Spotlight: Fiskars
10:00 AM Break
10:10 AM Member Spotlight: Schneider
10:55 AM Expert Contribution: Aric Wood
11:25 AM Breakout Discussions
11:55 AM Wrap-up
12:00 PM Adjourn

Additional Information

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