M2M CollaborationExtend the connection with UWEBC member companies through M2M Advising and our LinkedIn groups.

LinkedInOver 700 people from member companies are enrolled in our LinkedIn groups.

Need some quick information now and without a lot of fuss? The UWEBC LinkedIn Groups give members access to the other members' knowledge with the speed and convenience of LinkedIn, the most popular social-media application for people in business.

As of this writing, there are more than 700 UWEBC members who have joined the conversation in one or more of our LinkedIn Groups. New questions and answers are regularly posted. It's a great way to tap into the wisdom and experience of the people who make up Wisconsin's leading companies.

UWEBC LinkedIn groups:

M2M Advising“The great thing about M2M Advising is that it's an exchange of information in both directions. I learned a lot from Rockwell;
I think they gleaned a lot of good information from Kohler Company as well.”

—John Bashaw, Director of Customer Service, Kohler
For more from Mr. Bashaw, see video at right.

M2M Advising provides in-depth benchmarking against the practices of other member companies on specific business issues.

The M2M Advising process is facilitated and managed by a UWEBC Practice Director. The Practice Director receives your request via this form and then facilitates appropriate, effective connections with the company or companies that can best help with your concern.

To begin the M2M process, download this form and send it to a Practice Director below.


M2M Advising contacts:

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