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Digital Product Management Boot Camp

All businesses are digital businesses. A company’s digital product – whether it be a website, app, or connected device – has become and will remain a primary way for engaging with customers. Companies have had to rethink entire business models. Product roadmaps have been turned upside down. Whole industries took leaps in product development to bridge the gap between physical and digital experiences: think grocers, airlines, retail stores, and the entire healthcare ecosystem.

According to a McKinsey & Company survey of more than 1,000 business leaders, executives believe 50 percent of their revenue will come from new products, services, or businesses – most with a significant digital component – within the next five years. Not surprisingly, many are looking beyond natural adjacencies to exploit entirely new business opportunities. Creating an organization-wide digital mindset unlocks the full potential and creativity of your organization’s potential to serve and thrive.

Product Management is at the hub of nearly every successful digital initiative. Product managers interact with every facet of a business and must be able to lead through influence. Creating a truly “digital culture” must begin with corporate leadership commitment, but the ground game is led by product managers.

The Digital Product Management Boot Camp, led by a digital product management expert from the 280 Group, provided an unparalleled opportunity to learn strategies and methods used to develop world-class digital products. Following three, full-day in-person classroom sessions, attendees had the opportunity to further their learning by participating in three virtual collaborative sessions with classmates, facilitated by UWEBC Marketing Practice Director Bill Carrier, to share and discuss experiences around applying the methods and processes learned in the class.

UWEBC membership was not required to participate in this Boot Camp.


Three full-day, in-person sessions, on the UW-Madison campus:

  • December 5-7, 2022, 8:00am-5:00pm
    each day

The Boot Camp also includes three virtual follow-on sessions to enable participants to enhance their learning and strengthen retention by sharing and discussing experiences, facilitated by UWEBC Marketing Practice Director Bill Carrier.

This Boot Camp has concluded.

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Class Modules:

  1. Introduction to DPM
  2. Digital Culture
  3. Becoming Data-Informed
  4. Problem and Hypothesis
  5. Seeking Solutions
  6. Objectives and Key Results
  7. The Agile PM
  8. Optimizing Product-led Growth
  9. DevOps and Experimentation
  10. Change Management and Navigating Internal Stakeholders

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Learn core skills to maximize product success – and master the complete product lifecycle – from a Digital Product Management expert.
  • Engage with instructor and fellow participants in a dynamic workshop setting. No lectures.
  • Ten modules presented over three days, allowing for concentrated, focused learning.
  • Skills: The knowledge and practices necessary to be an effective Product Manager in ANY company that develops digital solutions for sale or internal use.
  • Techniques: Flexible and robust digital-specific techniques that you can apply to quickly measure and understand customer needs – to rapidly evolve your product.
  • Best Practices: Based on our DPM expert’s real-world experiences, we’ve brought together the best aspects of multiple methodologies, so you can build better products that dramatically improve adoption and sales.

Learn from the best in the field


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The UWEBC partnered with 280 Group to bring this high-impact workshop exclusively to the UWEBC network. Based in Silicon Valley, 280 Group has set the standard for how product professionals and product teams build successful products for over 20 years. Their training, consulting and tools incorporate the latest thinking and techniques, ensuring you’ll learn how to deliver products that delight your customers and executives.

Who should attend?

This program is applicable to product managers whose work is, or will be, adopting a significant focus on digital projects – whether for external or internal customers. The program is particularly well-suited for candidates being considered for promotion into a product management role. Developing a product management “bench” is a critical talent management strategy. This program will enable high-potential candidates to be better equipped for a successful transition to embracing the multiple demands of digital product management assignments.

The Boot Camp will also offer high-level strategies for Directors across business functions who are interested in learning to integrate, sustain and scale their digital initiatives. Mid-level managers who are responsible for the implementation of these digital strategies will learn a range of skills, including problem identification, customer research, solution validation and working across functions to guide successful digital programs. Technical professionals can also leverage the methods and practices taught to bridge the gap between their technical knowledge and the business applications of digital innovators.