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Predictive Analytics and ROI Modeling Boot Camp

Leverage the Power of Customer Experience Survey Data Through Predictive Analytics & ROI Modeling

The UW E-Business Consortium (UWEBC), in collaboration with Customer Care Measurement & Consulting, proudly presents the exclusive Boot Camp in Predictive Analytics and ROI Modeling for the Customer Experience to the UWEBC network.

UWEBC membership is not required to participate.

The UW E-Business Consortium (UWEBC), in collaboration with Customer Care Measurement & Consulting, proudly presents the exclusive Boot Camp in Predictive Analytics and ROI Modeling for the Customer Experience to the UWEBC network. UWEBC membership is not required to participate.

With the customer experience (CX) revolution in full swing, CX practitioners have become adept at establishing a robust voice of the customer (VOC) measurement systems. These systems invite, collect, and analyze customer feedback from various sources, such as social media content, complaints, warranty data, and more. While these VOC measurement platforms are valuable, CX surveys continue to play a critical role in formulating CX strategies and driving CX operational excellence efforts. However, CX leaders face three major challenges when leveraging CX survey data and creating compelling CX business cases. UWEBC’s Boot Camp in Predictive Analytics & ROI Modeling equips CX trailblazers with a framework, methodology, and cohesive set of analytical tools to tackle these challenges head-on.

Challenge #1: Transforming simple and descriptive CX survey results into actionable data. Many CX programs fail to provide clarity and actionable recommendations regarding CX priorities, leading to difficulties for organizations in embracing definitive CX actions. This Boot Camp shares a set of time-tested social scientific predictive modeling techniques that help market leaders extract actionable recommendations from CX survey data.

Challenge #2: Building a CX business case with a clear return on investment (ROI) estimate for CX initiatives. CX practitioners often compete for finite resources across the organization without a way to demonstrate the bottom-line impact of CX investments. This Boot Camp introduces the Market Damage Model, a proven model used by global companies across sectors to strengthen the business case for CX transformation. By combining CX survey data with company financial data, the Market Damage Model enables CX practitioners to estimate the current ‘cost’ of an imperfect CX and the ROI of various CX initiatives.

Challenge #3: Operationalizing CX survey insights to drive action and transform CX. Many organizations invest significant resources in building survey platforms and collecting data but fall short in converting CX insights into actionable strategies. This Boot Camp introduces innovative techniques that market leaders have used to engage their organizations in the process of translating CX insights into action.

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Identify and articulate your company-specific challenges in Predictive Analytics & ROI Modeling.
  • Design a questionnaire that supports predictive analytics, ROI modeling and more actionable insights.
  • Learn to interpret survey results and translate them into a compelling business case for CX priorities.
  • Master the calculation of market damage and conduct a simple sensitivity analysis to quantify the ROI of selected CX initiatives.
  • Practice building and presenting a comprehensive business case for CX improvement, incorporating key driver analysis and market damage assessment.


Three full-day, in-person sessions on the UW-Madison campus:

  • September 19-21, 2023, 9:00am-4:00pm each day

Also includes three virtual follow-up sessions to share and discuss experiences around applying class concepts with classmates, all facilitated by UWEBC Customer Service Practice Director Matthew Cone.

  • October 10, 2023, 9:00am-12:00pm
  • October 24, 2023, 9:00am-12:00pm
  • November 21, 2023, 9:00am-11:00am

Interested in this Boot Camp, but unable to attend this time for whatever reason?

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Learn from the best in the field

Scott Broetzmann
President & CEO, Co-Founder

Scott’s creed for creating an extraordinary customer experience is simple: invest in those actions that lie at the intersection of increased customer loyalty and a favorable return on investment.

Over the past 35 years, Scott has been empowering marketplace leaders from all industries to deliver a more profitable customer experience by helping them leverage good science.

As he sees it, good science isn’t about just keeping score or chasing a number. Good science consists in using the voice of the customer to compel those actions that yield the best ROI for improving the customer experience.

David Beinhacker
Chief Research Officer, Partner

David’s methodological prowess, coupled with a passion for innovative analytics, is helping leading companies get the most from their investment in listening to the voice of the customer.

David has an aptitude, the skill set, and a penchant for bridging the proverbial gap between the science of the customer experience and business acumen.

As he sees it, complex statistics and mathematics don’t have much value if they don’t genuinely shape decisions and actions that improve the customer experience.

Possessing a rare talent for fashioning business cases from survey results, and demonstrating a zeal for storytelling with complex data, David is helping blue chip companies improve their customer experience ROI.

About CCMC

The UWEBC has partnered with Customer Care Measurement & Consulting (CCMC), a leader in the customer care movement for nearly 45 years, to bring this important tool exclusively to the UWEBC network.

CCMC’s research and consulting services help companies from every industry hear the voice of the customer more clearly, act on what matters most, and align the business with the customer experience.

Empowering businesses to act on the voice of the customer, we help companies earn the tangible benefits of delivering a consistently better customer experience:

  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Competitive superiority
  • Return on customer experience investments, and
  • Positive word of mouth advertising in the marketplace

How an organization does what it does can be just as important. CCMC is guided by the following values:

Acting With Integrity — Aspiring to be a trusted advisor to our clients, we view the essence of any lasting business relationship as authenticity. We actively listen, seek to understand all points of view, and promise to always “tell it like it is.”

Practicing Good Service — We advocate for using the scientific method to describe, predict and manage the customer experience. We depend on methodological rigor, favor empirical data, and insist on transparency.

Optimizing Customer Experience ROI — We take the words “customer care” seriously. We walk the talk and are passionate and enthusiastic about delivering an extraordinary customer experience to our clients. Client feedback is a centerpiece of our mission to deliver an extraordinary client experience.

Setting the Example for Extraordinary Service — Like our clients and business partners, we are results-focused. We believe that the most genuine customer experience ROI is earned by achieving a positive, incremental, and continuous improvement in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Driving Transformational Change Through Collaboration — There is more than one way to get to the right outcome. We see collaboration and teamwork as the means to bringing out the best in each other.

Acting as Stewards of the Customer Experience — In partnership with world-class research institutions and other marketplace leaders, we invest our time and resources to promote the scientific discovery of how to improve the customer experience.

Giving Forward to Our Community — Albert Einstein had it right – “only a life lived in the service of others is worth living.” We share our time, talent, and treasure with not-for-profit organizations in our local community, the state, and the nation.


Days One through Three:

Full day, in-person classroom sessions include the following topics:

  • Moving from measuring to managing CX
  • Questionnaire design
  • Predictive analytics: key driver analysis
  • ROI modeling: the market damage model
  • Role of qualitative data and analysis
  • Action planning
  • Capstone exercise

CCMC to provide each participating company/organization with a 60-minute virtual consultation session as a follow up to the bootcamp. The proposed session can be scheduled at any time through December 2024. These sessions are intended to provide participants with the opportunity to share company specific questions and solicit CCMC’s perspective on aspects of their CX work related to predictive analytics and ROI modeling.

Following the Classroom Sessions:

In the three follow-up sessions, registrants will get the opportunity to leverage their cohort of peers to hear different approaches to implementing provided tools to better understand the possible applications through the examples of Predictive Analytics and ROI modeling projects of others.

Who should attend?

This Boot Camp is ideal for CX practitioners at the leadership level (e.g., Chief Customer Officers, Customer Service Directors, VOC Managers) who have responsibility for establishing CX priorities, guiding CX initiatives and/or creating business cases for CX transformation.

Location and Accomodations

The in-person classroom sessions will take place at:

UW-Madison Pyle Center
702 Langdon St
Madison, WI 53706

These hotels are within easy walking distance of the Pyle Center. Book a room early to ensure availability!

UW-Madison Fluno Center Hotel
601 University Ave Madison, WI 53715

Graduate MADISON
601 Langdon St Madison, WI 53703

Hampton Inn & Suites Madison/Downtown
440 W Johnson St Madison, WI 53703

Questions about this Boot Camp?

Matthew Cone

Position title: Customer Service Practice Director


Phone: 608-263-0635