UWEBC Featured Member: Abhinay Pachhapur from Alliant Energy

This month we are pleased to feature Abhinay Pachhapur, Director of IT Services at Alliant Energy! We spoke with him and got the following insight into what he and his team are up to, what they like about UWEBC events, and how you can take some things that he’s learned and put them into practice for your company.

What Abhinay is working on:
In his field of IT services, Abhinay explains that the most significant trend he is seeing is the continued focus on distributed energy resources. He has seen a spiked interest in shifting towards solar farms, especially in the renewable energy space. At Alliant Energy, they are working hard to find solutions to move and focus more on renewable energy resources as that has been a substantial piece of Alliant Energy’s strategy and purpose of serving customers and building stronger communities. He is excited to see all of the work that has been done so far and is excited to see how this continues, as he feels that these new trends are moving in the right direction.

Abhinay and his team have also increasingly been focusing on enhancing the customer experience. This focus includes an omnichannel, seamless customer experience for their retail and commercial customers. He shared that his team is also working towards the company’s path to net zero, which is a crucial aspect to the overall business benefit and value.

How Abhinay and his team benefit from UWEBC:
Abhinay enjoys taking full advantage of his UWEBC membership to further his work goals, like the one above. His UWEBC membership began when he joined Alliant Energy in 2021, and he has been an active member since then. Abhinay loves being able to network with local companies and create peer connections. He feels as if this piece of the UWEBC membership is invaluable. He also loves how his team can participate in different events and webinars, whether in-person or virtual; he likes that it offers flexibility and a learning aspect from other industry peers on how they are driving digital transformation and organizational change.

Some of Abhinay’s favorite UWEBC events are virtual webinars. He mentioned that one of his favorite events recently was around creating and building an effective enterprise technology roadmap. This is something that Alliant Energy is working on right now, and he loved how he learned how other business professionals approach these types of engagements. He was also able to explore possible opportunities to onboard this effort within his company.

A tip from Abhinay on how YOU can get the most out of your UWEBC membership:
As a UWEBC primary liaison for Alliant Energy, Abhinay’s goal is to ensure the company’s awareness of all the opportunities UWEBC offers its members. He states that it is an opportunity to work across business stakeholders and is a great way to build a network internally and understand and learn his team’s needs. He found that proactive sharing of upcoming events in staff meetings and forwarding event information to his team has been a considerable success in increasing participation at UWEBC events.

Although Abhinay is a hardworking business professional, he loves finding fun things to do in his free time. Something he picked up recently was learning how to solve Rubik’s Cubes. In fact, he can solve them in about 5 minutes and is working hard to solve them even faster!

We thank Abhinay for his excellent participation and contribution to UWEBC this past year. We can’t wait to see more collaboration in the coming years!

Published March 1, 2023
Dylan Kopf, Marketing Student Assistant