UWEBC Featured Member: Cheryl Keegan from Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc.

Dylan Kopf and Jenny Zhang | Marketing Student Assistants

This month we are pleased to feature Cheryl Keegan, Director of Contact Center Operations at Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc.! We spoke with her and got insight into what she and her team are up to, what they like about UWEBC events, and how you can take some things she’s learned and put them into practice for your company.

What Cheryl is working on:
In her field of Contact Center Operations, Cheryl explains that the most significant trend she sees is the continued focus on digital transformation. Her company is working towards the goal of being able to have meaningful interactions with their customers that don’t require them to call. They are working on being more proactive with communication to ensure that the services they provide have purpose and are efficient.

Specifically, her team will implement NICE CXone, a cloud solution platform. They will have a lot of involvement in this because they have more than one contact center. They are also implementing several components, such as phone systems, QA, performance management, workforce management, and speech tools. They are very excited to move to the cloud to enhance their company and see the additional capabilities with these new changes.

How Cheryl and her team benefit from UWEBC:
Cheryl enjoys taking full advantage of her UWEBC membership to further her work goals, like the one above. Her company first started its UWEBC membership in 2015 and has been an active member since. She loves being able to network with other Contact Center leaders and how the UWEBC offers numerous channels with which her company has been able to interact. She mentioned that the UWEBC has been an extremely valuable resource and has allowed her teams to continually learn and grow personally and professionally.

One of Cheryl’s favorite UWEBC events is the UWEBC Annual Conference. She mentioned that the conference is always well done with top-notch presenters and high-quality speakers. She also believes that the price for registration is amazing for how valuable the conference is. Another UWEBC event Cheryl loves is the Executive Retreats. She values that these meetings are with a smaller group of people where you can get into more detailed conversations with people in similar leadership roles.

A tip from Cheryl on how you can get the most out of your UWEBC membership:
As a UWEBC primary liaison for her company, Cheryl’s goal is to ensure the company’s awareness of all the opportunities UWEBC has to offer for its members. She states that it is a great organization with great people and is always a great networking opportunity. For her and her company, signing up to be a member company with the UWEBC was an absolute “no-brainer.”

Although Cheryl is a hardworking business professional, she loves spending time outdoors and taking in the nice weather before the cold Wisconsin weather hits. She has found a love for going on rides in her side-by-side ranger and discovered it as a way to enjoy and explore the beautiful state of Wisconsin.

We thank Cheryl for her great participation and contribution to UWEBC this past year. We can’t wait to see more collaboration in the coming years!

Published November 2, 2022
Dylan Kopf and Jenny Zhang, Marketing Student Assistants