UWEBC Featured Member: Mike Wygocki from Demco

We are excited to feature Mike Wygocki, Executive Director of Customer Success, at Demco this month! We spoke with him and got insight into what he and his team are up to, what they like about UWEBC events, and how you can take some things he’s learned and put them into practice for your company.

What Mike is working on:
In his field of Customer Success, Mike shares that the most significant trend he is seeing is the increasing focus on Artificial Intelligence and how it’s impacting different processes. He noted that at a recent UWEBC meeting which covered this topic, he was able to get a better understanding of what it means to use these tools and how to incorporate them into day-to-day processes to stay up to date in a fast-paced business environment. Currently, his company is reviewing different systems and business improvements to create a more modern toolset for Demco. This includes new or enhanced methodologies for customer data management, product management, and even Demco’s phone systems.

Mike and his team have also increasingly focused on how they coach, measure, and hold their teams accountable. He found that attending a recent UWEBC meeting on this topic reassured him that his team was on the right track to improve how they assess employee progress and engagement.

How Mike and his team benefit from UWEBC:
Mike loves taking full advantage of his UWEBC membership to further his and his team’s goals. His company first started its UWEBC membership 15 years ago, and Mike has served as Demco’s executive sponsor and primary liaison for the last five years. Mike enjoys being able to expose his coworkers to UWEBC offerings. He expressed that one of his favorite parts about the UWEBC is that he can meet with like-minded individuals at other companies across different industries to share information and best practices. Mike feels like the UWEBC combines the opportunity to learn from knowledge experts while also allowing members to actively participate and provide their own knowledge and insights.

Mike particularly enjoys onsite events because of the wonderful energy in the room, providing both networking opportunities and more structured programming.

A tip from Mike on how YOU can get the most out of your UWEBC membership:
As a UWEBC primary liaison for Demco, Mike’s goal is to ensure the company’s awareness of all the opportunities UWEBC offers its members. To increase awareness of UWEBC learning events, he regularly reminds his team that UWEBC is a resource available to them for continuing education and career development. He noted that it is essential to identify thought leaders or employees interested in career development and get those people involved.

Although Mike is a hardworking business professional, he loves finding fun things to do in his free time. For example, in the winter, he loves to snow ski. A fun fact about Mike is that he grew up in Michigan; however, he has lived in Wisconsin longer than in Michigan!

We thank Mike for his excellent participation and contribution to UWEBC over the many years that he has been involved with us. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Mike in the years to come!

Published December 6, 2023
Dylan Kopf and Jenny Zhang, Marketing Student Assistants