UWEBC Director’s Message: Next-level Organizational Capability Development

New Year’s Resolution: Transform Your Personal Growth and Your Organization’s Capabilities

In an era marked by rapid changes and disruptions, it’s crucial for leaders not just to stay abreast of trends but to actively shape their organizations’ future – to innovate with purpose. This involves rethinking the approach to continuous learning and professional development. I am writing to share leading-edge perspectives on organization capability development through continuous learning and the strategic ways in which you can leverage the UW E-Business Consortium’s (UWEBC) unique offerings to power your and your team’s success in 2024.

Redefining Professional Development

93% quoteThe traditional 70/20/10 model of professional development, designed for a primarily in-person workforce, is becoming less effective in our swiftly evolving work environment and disruptive times. This model, which posits that 70% of learning is “on-the-job,” 20% through social interactions, and 10% through formal education, is now being challenged. It is time for a 50/25/25 approach. The combination of remote and hybrid work limiting on-the-job learning opportunities and rapid technological advances necessitate a shift towards more balanced strategies emphasizing social learning, coaching, and life-long learning. To bridge the gaps, we must foster social learning through leadership engagement, company-wide inclusive activities, and robust collaborative learning and professional networking.

Leveraging Virtual Lifelong Learning for Real Growth

companies need quoteThe landscape of learning and growth has transformed dramatically. Where once significant time commitment and physical presence were the norms, today’s high-quality virtual programs offer more accessible learning opportunities. While valuable for all learners up and down the leadership and management ranks, these opportunities are especially beneficial for those with disabilities, caregiving responsibilities, or remote working arrangements. Virtual learning is a necessary evolution in how we approach our professional challenges and organizational capability development.

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Navigating New Dynamics

only 7% quoteAdapting our learning and development strategies to the rapidly changing work environment is no longer optional; it’s essential. In these technologically disruptive times, building new competencies is vital for attracting prospective hires and signaling your commitment to their growth in alignment with business priorities. An effective program for professional and organizational growth resonates across all levels, enhancing your organization’s success and enabling dynamism. It communicates that you value your employees’ aspirations and view them as partners, all key to attracting and retaining talent.

Charting a Collaborative Path Forward

Whether your organization is entirely in-person, remote, or hybrid, a 50/25/25 professional development model offers the flexibility, agility, and inclusivity that today’s workforce demands. Aligning your learning strategy with your organizational challenges and goals is imperative. Now, more than ever, it’s time to leverage our UWEBC learning collaborative to ensure your team continues evolving, growing, and excelling. Whether you tap the collective wisdom of our executive, peer, or special interest groups online or in person or meet member-to-member through our research and advisory services, your experience will advance the very way you meet the future, more ready and confident with validated best practices from peers and thought leaders in a non-commercial and trusted community.

We have an exciting year ahead! We will see you soon. #togetherforward #foreverforward

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Doug Barton
UWEBC Director