Learn and Apply Essential XM Principles to Help Your Business Thrive

On January 9th, the UWEBC kicked off its newest Boot Camp, elevating the discipline of Experience Management. We did this in partnership with Qualtrics XM Institute, a unit that operates within Qualtrics to offer tools and resources that help people design, deliver, and mature Experience Management (XM) programs. Greg Chase, XM Catalyst and head of the XM Pro network, led participants through the fundamentals of XM, drawing upon his depth of experiences to ground the learnings through real-world examples.

Over two days of classroom time, we explored the Competencies, including the Skills that support them and the Cultural support that contributes to crafting and maturing a strong experience for both customers and employees. In addition to the great content and experiences supplied by Mr. Chase, we had the combined experiences of 18 professionals, spanning 12 organizations, to add their depth of perspective in the activities and discussions. Over the next two months, this cohort will meet three times to further discuss and explore these concepts in the true fashion of any UWEBC production, to support these engaged participants in applying this newly deepened knowledge in their organizations. Stay tuned for more Boot Camps, coming soon from the UWEBC! We welcome you to sign up on our website if you want to be notified of the next session of the Experience Management Boot Camp or of future topics coming soon.