Approaches to Developing Leadership Skills in Frontline Supervisors and Managers

Developing leadership skills in frontline supervisors and managers holds immense organizational possibilities and opportunities, and organizations that succeed in this area are more likely to cultivate a friendly and inclusive work culture for the entire organization. Our Customer Service Peer Group meeting on August 10th discussed this topic in-depth, where participants learned how to explore the power of developing leadership skills in frontline supervisors for organizational success and enhanced team performance. The meeting was led by UWEBC’s Customer Service Practice Director Matthew Cone, with featured presentations from jIQ People Solutions, Northwestern Mutual, and Mason Companies.

Automating Customer Service Processes

As companies strive to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience, the prevalence of process automation in customer care teams continues to grow in today’s business environment. Companies must combine automation with human expertise and empathy to provide a superior customer experience that meets the needs and expectations of all their customers. Our Customer Service Peer Group meeting on May 18th discussed this topic in-depth, led by UWEBC’s Customer Service Practice Director Matthew Cone, with featured presentations from Brian Hagel of Kohl’s about Contact Center Automation and Nick Carpenter of Esker about Order Management examples and more.

Learn and Apply Essential XM Principles to Help Your Business Thrive

On January 9th, the UWEBC kicked off its newest Boot Camp, elevating the discipline of Experience Management. We did this in partnership with Qualtrics XM Institute, a unit that operates within Qualtrics to offer tools and resources that help people design, deliver, and mature Experience Management (XM) programs. Greg Chase, XM Catalyst and head of the XM Pro network, led participants through the fundamentals of XM, drawing upon his depth of experiences to ground the learnings through real-world examples.

Strategies and Practices for Improving Retention of Customer Care Talents

Our August 25th Customer Service Peer Group meeting discussed the very important topic of how to improve retention of customer care talent. More specifically, the group eagerly dove deeper into interactive presentations and conversations discussing how to help strengthen the bond between your team and your organization, making it easy for your best team members to find fulfillment in the work they do.

Digital Self-Service: How do We Get There?

Although many companies are now embracing a more digital self-service approach, this process is rarely a smooth sailing one and many corporate giants have reported struggling during their own transition period. On March 10th, UWEBC’s Customer Service Peer Group meeting addressed these different challenges and the ways in which companies can continuously improve their self-service capabilities.