Strategies to Reduce Customer Effort and Increase First Contact Resolution

In the ever-evolving landscape of customer service, where every interaction matters, our recent Customer Service peer group meeting, led by Matthew Cone, provided a goldmine of strategies and insights to reduce customer effort and boost First Contact Resolution (FCR).


To kick off our event, Bill Price, a distinguished author and luminary in the field, shared insights derived from Amazon’s customer-centric ethos. His emphasis on Amazon’s commitment to being the “Earth’s most customer-centric company” and the perpetual “It’s still day 1” mindset set the stage for a profound exploration. Price’s book “The Frictionless Organization” not only underscores these principles but also unveils strategies for global customer contact, advocating for simplicity, focused intents, and insightful analysis of KPIs by intent. Delving into practical approaches to elevate customer experience, Price highlighted the importance of understanding customer motivations. Additional examples from organizations like WAVE and XERO showcased how these strategies translate into a seamless customer journey, aligning with the overarching goal of an exceptional customer experience.

We then transitioned to our first member spotlight with the dynamic duo of Alex Paez-Gerstenhaber and Jesse Brud from Hy Cite. They showcased their dedication to crafting an effortless customer journey through intentional efforts. As the driving force behind this innovative company, they have spearheaded initiatives to enhance the customer experience by aligning intention with action. Their commitment to creating a seamless and friction-free journey reflects a thoughtful approach, where every decision and strategy is deliberately crafted to ensure that customers navigate their interactions effortlessly. Their presentation not only illuminates their commendable dedication but also serves as an inspiration for others looking to carve a path of excellence in the realm of customer service.

In our second member spotlight, Natalie Hall and Eddie Dusel of Schneider – one of the nation’s largest trucking companies with 17,000 associates worldwide – unveiled their commitment to the effortless customer experience. Focused on productivity improvement, Schneider’s Effortless Experience team, consisting of seven directors across HR, Finance, Analysts, and IT strategy, embarked on a comprehensive evaluation of their workflow and pain points, revealing a maze-like structure. The team addressed soft skill gaps, transitioned technologies, and focusced on successful change management behaviors as they endeavored to simplify their experiences. Notable  insights from their own effortless experience journey included CS training programs, data-driven insights through Power BI dashboards, and enhanced automation, aiming to streamline processes and reduce late reason codes. Schneider’s valuable lessons emphasized the complexity of problem-solving and the importance of thoughtful, proactive planning to avoid unintended consequences in the pursuit of efficiency and automation.

It’s clear that providing exceptional customer service isn’t just about strategies; it’s a journey of understanding, adapting, and always striving to do better in this ever-changing landscape. Thank you to all those who presented at and attended this event! If you missed it, members can view the event on UWEBC+!


Published December 6, 2023
Jenny Zhang, Marketing Student Assistant