UWEBC Featured Member: Paul Nugent from Amcor Flexibles North America

This month, we are excited to feature Paul Nugent, Senior Director of Supply Chain at Amcor Flexibles North America this month! We spoke with him and got an insight into what he and his team are up to, what they like about UWEBC events, and how you can take some things he’s learned and put them into practice for your company.

What Paul is working on:

In his field of Supply Chain, Paul shares that the most significant trend he is seeing is an increasing focus from customers who want to be more precise regarding inventory holding.  Destocking, requests for just-in-time inventory, and requests for smaller shipments continue to be strong themes. Something exciting that Paul and his team are currently working on is a suite of sustainability initiatives related to recycled and recyclable materials.

How Paul and his team benefit from UWEBC:

Paul loves taking full advantage of his UWEBC membership to further his and his team’s goals. His company first started its UWEBC membership six years ago, and he has served as the primary liaison for the last four years. Paul is also a part of our Advisory Board, where he helps facilitate the introduction of some of the best Wisconsin companies to the UWEBC. He notes that “there are still a lot more companies that the UWEBC can reach” and is excited to continue serving in this role.

Paul particularly enjoys onsite events such as the Annual Conference because he and his team can meet and connect with Wisconsin companies and peers with similar interests and experiences. He said this year’s Annual Conference was undoubtedly a “group favorite” event.

A tip from Paul on how YOU can get the most out of your UWEBC membership:

As a UWEBC Advisory Board member and primary liaison for Amcor, Paul’s goal is to ensure the company’s awareness of all the opportunities UWEBC offers its members. To increase awareness and utilization of UWEBC learning events, he regularly leverages UWEBC with his team for continuing education and career development. He has found it helpful to have people present what they learned after attending events and encourages them to talk about their company at the events to get feedback from the peer-to-peer connections.

Although Paul is busy as a hardworking supply chain professional, he manages to play the video game Fortnite with his son John (Class of 2023) as much as possible!

We want to thank Paul for his excellent participation and contribution to UWEBC over the many years he has been involved with us. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Paul in the years to come!

Published December 6, 2023
Dylan Kopf, Marketing Student Assistant