Annual Conference Customer Service

2024 Annual Conference: Customer Service

Michael Hinshaw

Introducing the Experience Operating System (XOS)

Michael Hinshaw, Founder and President, McorpCX

Every business lives—or eventually dies—by how well it serves its customers. But most companies don’t embed this imperative into their operational DNA, especially as they get bigger and more complicated. Drawing on the concepts introduced in his and Diane Magers’ book Experience Rules! The Experience Operating System (XOS) and 8 Keys to Enable It (Manuscripts Press, 2024), Michael will help you learn the basics that enable a more structured approach to the science and art of customer-centricity in ways that will help you match fast-changing customer and employee expectations, market dynamics, and innovation.

Key session takeaways:

  • A proven approach to operationalizing customer experience.
  • Driving cross-organization collaboration, alignment, and accountability.
  • How to pivot towards a more systematic, customer-centric model.


Vivian Phillips Husband

Engaging your Team to Influence Customer-Centric Change

Dr. Vivian Phillips Husband, VP of Customer Experience, Blue Shield of California

Join Vivian Phillips Husband, Ph.D., as she discusses the importance of understanding leverage points and reaction styles your team members and your organization have toward change. Hear how you can assess your organization’s readiness for change through the lens of structure, relationship, and purpose. Dr. Phillips Husband will also highlight the various reaction styles that can promote and hinder your critical customer-centric change efforts. She will also underscore some of the dynamics at play within relationships in the organization, such as silos, hierarchy, and social dynamics like race and gender, and share some insight that can be leveraged to help employees understand their orientation and relationships to parts of the organization. 

Key session takeaways:

  • The importance of identifying leverage points that influence change in your organization.
  • The influence prominent reactions to change have on change efforts.
  • Their organization’s readiness for change toward customer-centricity through an analysis of leverage points and prominent reactions to change.

Aaron Schroeder

Practical AI for Customer-worthy Experiences

Aaron Schroeder, Director of AI Solutions, TTEC Digital

The customer service industry is going through unprecedented change, and what this means to different industries remains to be seen. The current economic climate made the promise of AI’s impact take center stage, but many companies still struggle to realize tangible benefits. Aaron Schroeder, Director of AI Solutions at TTEC Digital, takes on the facts and fiction of this new paradigm in the age of AI. In this presentation, you will learn more about helpful frameworks for approaching solutions and the impact that real companies are beginning to make today. Human-based, empathetic customer experiences are more important than ever, and the story of AI in CX isn’t the “replacement” or even “augmentation” of that process but rather an “evolution.”

Key session takeaways:

  • The pace of change will never be slower than it is today.
  • How embracing thoughtful, connected AI pilots can lead to increased ROI and improved Customer Experiences.
  • The impact that balancing technology investments can have on your organization’s brand and why it is more important than ever.

Isabelle Zdatny

The Future of Customer Experience

Isabelle Zdatny, Head of Thought Leadership for Qualtrics XM Institute

Customer experience is about more than just gathering and sharing data. It is a critical strategic asset for the organization, empowering it to sense, interpret, and respond to its ever-evolving business landscape. However, most CX programs aren’t yet set up to play this transformative role inside their organizations. Isabelle will explore how to build a “Modern” CX program capable of infusing a deep understanding of customers into every decision and activity. Through practical advice and examples from best-in-class organizations, you’ll discover how to build a program capable of helping your organization thrive in the era of disruption.

Key session takeaways:

  • CX capabilities are essential for navigating uncertain business environments.
  • Building a Modern CX program requires evolving efforts across three major dimensions.
  • CX professionals need to advocate their value and the role they want to play in the future.

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Steering Committee

Steering Committee members provide guidance on track content, topic suggestions, and speaker selection. Thank you to the 2024 Customer Service Track Steering Committee:

Athena Campos
Head of Commercial Services – North America, CNH Industrial

Mary Judkins
Senior Director of Customer Success, Lands’ End

Pam Sviatoslavsky
Vice President of Customer Service, Kohl’s

Practice Director

Matthew Cone

Position title: Customer Service Practice Director


Matthew Cone leads the UWEBC’s Customer Service practice area. Matthew has spent his career working with teams to deliver amazing customer experiences with a focus on collaboration and the strength of diversity. Matthew comes most recently from 15 years with Apple, supporting teams in both B2B and B2C sales, and technical services in the technology industry. Matthew has also leveraged skills in training, coaching, and development, all necessary competencies that resonate with many of our member companies in the current CX landscape. Matthew graduated with a BS in Management from Cardinal Stritch University.