Annual Conference Human Resources

2024 Annual Conference: Human Resources

Serena Huang

Beyond Automation: The Future of HR in the Age of AI

Dr. Serena Huang, International Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer, and Influencer

AI in HR isn’t just about technology and data. It’s about building a better future for your workforce. Join us for an exclusive keynote and hear from a renowned expert on the 3 critical needs to future-proof your organization:

  • Strategic Workforce Planning: Don’t just react to the skills gap, predict it so you can close it.
  • Responsible & Ethical AI Governance: Learn how to implement AI ethically and responsibly, ensuring fairness, transparency, and accountability.
  • Drive Enterprise AI Adoption: Learn how to establish clear leadership and ownership for AI initiatives and invest in the right training.

This session is perfect for HR leaders, technology leaders, business leaders with large organizations, L&D and talent management professionals, and AI enthusiasts preparing for a better future in and beyond HR.

Bethany Keller

Driving Digital HR Innovation: Centralizing Functions for Enhanced Technology Solutions

Bethany Keller, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Kohl’s Inc.

Bethany Keller presents a comprehensive view of leading a new Digital HR roadmap and innovation for technology solutions. This session will cover the transformation journey of HR operations. Bethany will also share from her extensive experience supporting C-suite leadership.

Participants will learn about the challenges faced and the innovative strategies employed to overcome them, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and digital innovation.

This presentation is ideal for HR professionals, technology leaders, and business executives looking to enhance their HR operations and leverage digital tools for organizational growth.

Tessa G. Misiaszek, PhD

Adapt to Thrive: Building Change-Ready Organizations and Leaders

Tessa G. Misiaszek, PhD, Head of Research, Korn Ferry Institute

Tessa G. Misiaszek explores the critical need for organizational adaptability in today’s dynamic business environment. This session delves into the six organizing principles that foster a change-ready culture, from anticipating the unexpected to sustaining resilience. Drawing on Korn Ferry’s research, Tessa will highlight how high-performing companies differentiate themselves through effective change management.

Attendees will learn about the pivotal role of middle managers in driving continuous adaptation and the importance of embedding flexible mindsets within the organizational DNA. This session is invaluable for business leaders, HR professionals, and anyone interested in organizational transformation and leadership development.

Betsy Clough

Future of Talent: Empowering the New Talent Pipeline with GenAI and Apprenticeships

Betsy Clough, Chief Human Resources Officer, UW Health

Join Betsy Clough as she discusses the future of talent in the healthcare sector. This session will explore how innovative apprenticeship programs and integrating Generative AI (GenAI) in patient communication portals are revolutionizing the employee experience.

Betsy will discuss strategies for growing new skills within the talent pipeline and enhancing the overall employee journey.

Whether you are a human resources professional, healthcare executive, or interested in talent development, this session will provide actionable insights and practical steps to empower your workforce and elevate your organization’s capabilities.

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Steering Committee

Steering Committee members provide guidance on track content, topic suggestions, and speaker selection. Thank you to the 2024 Human Resources Track Steering Committee:

Tanya Hubanks
Track Host
SHRM-SCP, Director, Center for Strategic Human Resources, Wisconsin School of Business

Rebeca Lopez
Labor & Employment Attorney, Godfrey & Kahn, S.C.

Patty Glines-Kotecki
Senior HR Director, Fiskars Americas

Julie Rader
VP Human Resources, Fortune Brands Innovations

Practice Director

Doug Barton

Position title: Director


As the Director, Doug Barton leads the UWEBC team to implement strategies to achieve operational excellence. He also oversees the development of new and expanded ways to serve our members’ evolving needs for talent and organizational capability development, including leveraging the synergies between UWEBC and other UW-Madison campus units. With more than 30 years of experience, Doug brings a diverse background working with and leading mission-driven and values-rich companies, including senior leadership positions at UBIX.AI and IBM. Doug has spoken at industry and IBM conferences around the globe and local venues on topics ranging from design thinking, entrepreneurship, disruptive technology and innovation. Doug holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MBA from Kellogg at Northwestern University.